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WordPress as Budgeting Software:

Dec 26, 2006 • general, web-design, wordpress

I didn't realize WordPress could be reprogrammed in such a way as this, but someone has created an online budgeting software tool out of WordPress: (I'm assuming that was taken.)


Basically you enter transactions that are either positive or negative, and then tag them with a keyword. can then aggregate similar keywords (categories) and show you the money spent on that category, and so on. It also has more advanced graphing, project, and other calculation tools. I'm pretty excited about it.Here's the interface for a transaction. Simple -- just how I like it.

moneytrackin transaction

I also like the idea that I can do my budget anywhere that I have internet access. And I won't have to hunt around on my computer for my budget file. It's all online -- I am gradually organizing my life online. Eventually everything I need will be online. Our computers will just be terminals to the cyberspace.

Another cool thing about is that they have a blog. It's becoming more and more the norm that companies have blogs. I found it very helpful -- through their blog I discovered that they have a Firefox extension that allows you to click a button on your browser toolbar and enter a transaction. I love that!

moneytrackin blog

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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