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RoboHelp 6 launched — List of New Features

Jan 16, 2007 • general

RoboHelp 6 was launched today. Here is their list of new features. (This list is from their "Reasons to Upgrade to RoboHelp 6.")

New user-defined variables
Define global variables for certain text elements; change a variable once, and RoboHelp changes all other instances of this variable in your Help.

New RoboScreen Capture
Capture screens, edit screen captures, and export images to common file formats with the new built-in screen capture and image editing tool.

More conditional build tags
Apply conditional build tags to table of contents and index items and folders to tailor output for different formats and purposes.

New Adobe PDF support
Generate accessible PDF files with support for hyperlinks and bookmarks with the included Adobe Acrobat® Elements software.

New command line compilation
Compile help systems from the command line without launching RoboHelp 6.

New reports on build tags
Generate snapshots of the number and type of build tags used in your Help project.

Improved Adobe RoboSource Control
Share projects and files with this powerful content management system for version control.

Improved compatibility
RoboHelp 6 includes numerous compatibility and stability enhancements, including improved import of Microsoft Word content, improved installers, and improved publishing of projects.

My main question is about the conditional build tag improvement. In RoboHelp 5, it was impossible to apply index tags to the character level. If your topic was half suppressed in a conditional build, all the index keywords for the topic showed up regardless. It appears that this has been fixed in RoboHelp 6, although I haven't tested it.

Rick Stone has written an excellent article on conditional tagging in RoboHelp 6.

The RoboHelp Developer Center offers some more articles on RoboHelp 6.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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