DMN Comm. Podcast Gives Thumbs Down on RoboHelp; But More Interesting Is Shift in Style

DMN Communication’s latest podcast is well-worth listening to. It is by far their best podcast to date. They’ve moved from a scripted style to one that is more natural and conversational. They also lengthened it to 16 minutes. I really enjoyed listening to them talk about their honest thoughts about RoboHelp 6 (which, by the way, they give a thumbs down.)

They’ve also embedded the Podbean player directly into their blog posts. Overall, excellent job with your podcast, Aaron and Scott. I am really enjoying it. podbean

I also hear that the Atlanta chapter is starting to podcast their meetings. This is getting exciting—if you’ve been contemplating podcasting, jump in. The easiest way is to start recording your own chapter’s presentations. We actually have a talk by Susan Burton that we’re going to post soon that will absolutely blow your mind.

I don’t have anything new to add to the RoboHelp discussion, other than to point out that Adobe’s RJ Racquez is reaching out to users and offers his phone number as a contact point to discuss any concerns.

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By Tom Johnson

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  • Paul

    So, I went to the podcast site. Is there a way to download it to iTunes? I don’t listen to podcasts at work, but I listen to them in my iPod while I commute….

  • Tom

    Click the little tiny “Download” link that appears near the player. You’ll see another page appear with a big green Download button. Right-click the Download button and select Save Target As. It should download the mp3 to your computer.

    Also, if you subscribe to their feed with a podcatcher like FeedDemon, you get the file right in the feed.

    By the way, I thought you’d be frozen by now with the sub-freezing weather you guys have been having in SLC.