The most popular type of APIs that technical writers (in my survey) document


I recently surveyed technical writers to ask a variety of questions about API documentation. Rather than present a summary of the survey all at once, I am presenting the results of each question on a post-by-post basis, so that I can properly analyze and interpret the results of each question. Overall about 32 people participated Continue Reading »

Authoring tools for startups — Guest post by Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

The following is a guest post by Vinish Garg, an information architect with a background in technical writing who frequently works with startups.  A discussion on authoring tools invariably leaves the participants with at least one common opinion–they want to see something better in whatever tool they are using. I recall a Wishlist post that Tom wrote Continue Reading »

The Upcoming TC Camp Unconference and my morning API workshop


On Saturday, January 24, 2015, there will be a TC Camp unconference held at Mission College in Santa Clara, California. The unconference is a one-day event that draws about 150–200 technical writers in the area to participate in an informal, attendee-led day of events. During the morning of the unconference, there are several workshops available Continue Reading »

Tech comm on a map: See all the tech comm groups, meetups, conferences, events, and consultants on a Google map


Sarah Maddox recently recently launched a project called Tech Comm on a Map. It lists all the tech comm groups, meetups, conferences, events, and consultants on a Google map. You can filter by the type of content you want to see. Check it out here: What’s nifty about this map is how you feed data Continue Reading »