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Neil Perlin Enters Blogosphere and Gives Away Free Flare Stylesheets

May 4, 2007 • blogging, general

Neil Perlin, a well-known figure in the tech comm world, now has a blog at

Neil Perlin's blog

Neil's also giving away some pre-defined Flare stylesheets. He says,

Flare's stylesheet editor is very powerful but can be intimidating at first, so my stylesheet's purpose is to help people get comfortable with the editor. This stylesheet, and a document that explains how to use it and discusses styles in general, are available at

Flare logoI've played around with Flare's style editor for a while and have found it to be one of the most robust style editors I've seen. You can spend days just configuring the granularity of your styles — one stylesheet for online help, another stylesheet for print, and so on. I'm glad Neil has made some stylesheets people can use who don't want to configure their own.

You can read Neil's first post here.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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