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Wikis Are Coming: An In-Depth Exploration of Using Wikis in Documentation — Interview with Katriel Reichman (Israel)

May 6, 2007 • podcasts

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Duration: 37 min.

In this podcast, Katriel Reichman, a technical writer at Method M in Jerusalem, Israel, talks in-depth about how to use wikis for documentation.

Here are the topics covered in the podcast:

  • When to use wikis instead of traditional help authoring tools
  • The best projects for wikis
  • Challenges with wikis
  • The ongoing nature of wiki projects
  • Tampering with user contributions
  • Exporting wiki content to other formats
  • Complaints from users about wikis
  • Insightful contributions from users through wikis
  • Recommended wiki tools
  • Dokuwiki, Mediawiki, and SharePoint 2007
  • Getting corporate buy-in for wikis
  • Open source and the threat to technical writers
  • Strategic corporate moves with wikis
  • Technical writing in Israel

The cool Celtic music is from fellow tech writer Harry Miller's Ceol Miners Band.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

About Katriel Reichman

From his bio: Katriel is CEO and founder of Method M Ltd. and is passionate about the benefits of structured authoring solutions, and successfully implementing documentation solutions.

Katriel is the author of the How To Write Winning Documents series and has led implementation of successful documentation automation solutions. He is the leader of the popular Method M DITA Immersion Workshops.

Prior to Method M, he founded, owned and managed a technical document company with more than 30 in-house document professionals and developed a series of highly successful software applications for technical writers.

My Skype connection fluctuated a few times during the podcast, just so you know.

About Tech Writer Voices

Tech Writer Voices is a podcast specifically for technical communicators. The weekly show features interviews, conversations, tips, and other information for those who write help content.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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