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Are You One of the 824 Technical Communicators on Ning Yet?

Mar 15, 2008 • blogging, general

Ning ("peace" in Chinese) is a social network application that allows groups to communicate and connect with each other in seamless, convenient ways.

Scott Abel just recently started a new social network community called The Content Wrangler Community. Within a couple of weeks, it already attracted 824 868 members. This community on Ning is quickly becoming the social network community for technical writers and others in our field.

The Content Wrangler Community on Ning

On Ning you can --

Network with peers. Find jobs. Share information. Start a blog. Upload and watch videos. Join a group. Begin a discussion. Learn about software. Find events. Ask for help. It's all here. Become a member. It's free!

Getting Started on Ning

To browse the social network, visit To join the social network, click the Sign Up link in the upper-right corner.

You can visit my Ning page here. Please feel free to add me as a friend. Or, once you set up your Ning account, allow me to add you as a friend.

And if you want to create a group within the community, you can do so. For example, Anne Gentle set up a Blogging group. And I just created a Podcasting group.

I'm Excited About This

I'm really excited about this new community. Facebook is extremely popular right now, and Ning is just another type of Facebook. It's fun to see all the new faces in there.

For all those who never figured out blogging and RSS, this community provides the same features invisibly in the background. All kinds of writers I've never seen before are suddenly appearing online.

More About Ning

For more information about Ning itself, check out the video below (or read more here).

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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Tom Johnson

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