Podcast: Five Books to Add to Your Technical Communication Library

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Duration: 20 min.

Rather than being an interview-style podcast episode, this audio was recorded by Heidi at her home PC and quickly traverses the five books so that you can learn some key concepts about each book. The following are the five books that Heidi discusses:

Adobe RobohelpMadcap Flare

By Tom Johnson

I'm a technical writer working for the 41st Parameter in San Jose, California. I'm interested in topics related to technical writing, such as visual communication, API documentation, information architecture, web publishing, JavaScript, front-end design, content strategy, Jekyll, and more. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

7 thoughts on “Podcast: Five Books to Add to Your Technical Communication Library

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    I just picked up a new one called PHP for the World Wide Web and it has had allot of great info in it so far. It started off a little basic, but still a great source if you are looking to sharpen your php programming skills.


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