Day 5 Cartoon [Christmas in June Giveaway]

Today the givaway involves a 100 Pack of Moo Mini Cards courtesy of Just Write Click, Anne Gentle’s blog. Leave your comments below the post.

Cartoon by Ben Minson. For full details about the giveaway, see this post.

Adobe RobohelpMadcap Flare

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By Tom Johnson

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37 thoughts on “Day 5 Cartoon [Christmas in June Giveaway]

  1. Curt Hunter

    It was a Glorious battle but, in the end, The Windows Wizard could not make the Mac run baby_laughing.wmv.

  2. Kyle

    “I’ve predicted the future, turned people into animals, and trained the greatest king who ever lived… but I still can’t get this macro to work!”

  3. Derek

    Without warning, the headmaster rose from his office chair and, wandless, annihilated all imposters, sparing only his informers: the wagging brown dog and the dancing paperclip.

  4. Potterful

    In frustration, the wizard gave up using the auto-wizard and went back to manually casting spells.

  5. melvyn

    Santa’s face recognition software defeated Calvin’s latest disguise. Undeterred he tried a spell.

  6. Ed SH

    Tim O’Reilly channels his powers to make DocBook the leading standard for single-sourced technical documentation once more.

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