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Podcast: Documentation in the Cloud

Mar 1, 2010 • podcasts

In this podcast, Michael Hiatt at presents to the STC Intermountain chapter on documentation in the cloud. By documentation in the cloud, he's referring to our move to the web of everything we do on the computer -- the running of applications, the saving of our data, the way we access and interact with all the information. He covers at a lot of ground in this presentation, touching on web 2.0, web 3.0, the semantic web, knowledge mashups, documentation mashups, lifestreaming, linked data, meshing, raw data,  and more.

Here's the official presentation description:

Web 2.0 cloud computing, interactive social groups, and real-time global communication promise major changes in software programming, IT management, medical care, and scientific research.

So how will it affect technical communication? Significantly. Major changes are coming for all types of writers, editors, and technical developers as personalized data is streamed to Facebook accounts, web applications are mashed, and content is stored in the cloud.

Our world of in-house authoring of proprietary help files, closed doc sets, and isolated knowledge bases is coming to an end. As web creators and communicators, we need to evaluate our place in the new protocol society where content is king and authors are needed to publish entertaining and relevant information.

About Michael Hiatt

Michael Hiatt is a technical writer and manager with 20 years of experience. He has worked for software companies large and small across multiple products and varying depths of technical communication. Michael co-founded, where he blogs and develops e-books, application mashups, and integrated linked data solutions.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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