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Content Talks

Content Talks is a new podcast from Brain Traffic

Hey podcast listeners, check out Content Talks, a new podcast by Brain Traffic on content strategy. The first episode features Kristina Halverson interviewing Ann Rockley about content strategy issues. It’s a great interview, and Ann sounds lively and engaged.

Kristina steers Ann towards detailed stories and experiences as they make their way through a host of content issues. Kristina says they will be producing a weekly podcast show. The audio quality in this show is superb, by the way.

While you’re listening to podcasts, check out several others as well. The Spoolcast from Jared Spool is full of relevant discussions for designers, communicators, information architects, illustrators, web managers, and more. In particular, check out one of his recent shows, Stephen Anderson, the Quest for Emotional Engagement.

I also enjoy Tech Nation with Dr. Moira Gunn. Moira is a skilled interviewer, and her topics are engaging with a general technical interest. In particular, I especially enjoyed The Internet Age of Journalism episode.

If you also enjoy webinars, both Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler and Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium produce regular webinars. You can listen to Scott’s interview with Richard Hamilton on Managing Technical Writing Teams. And check out Scriptorium’s DITA Best Practices webinar on Scriptorium with Tony Self.

I’m also planning to produce more regular podcasts. My most recent podcast was an interview with Donna Spencer on Information Architecture.

Do you listen to other podcasts you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below.

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By Tom Johnson

I'm a technical writer working for the 41st Parameter in San Jose, California. I'm interested in topics related to technical writing, such as visual communication, API documentation, information architecture, web publishing, JavaScript, front-end design, content strategy, Jekyll, and more. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

3 thoughts on “New Content Strategy Podcast and Other Good Resources

  1. Rachel Lu

    Tom, thanks for keeping us updated on all these new resources.

    Personally, I can see that podcasts and webinars are great ways to keep the audience engaged. Besides the podcast you’ve mentioned, I really enjoy listening to podcasts by Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt (DMN Communications) and Harry Miller (Visual Communication and Design), which, sadly, are no longer under active production.It goes without saying that producing multimedia content demands much more time and effort.

    I agree that both The Content Wrangler and Scriptorium produce high quality webninars. It’s very thoughtful for them to make the recordings available after the live sessions. I’m also glad to see a growing trend of users embracing the embedded video feature on SlideShare,making acquiring new knowledge a very enjoyable experience.

    Rachel Lu

    1. Tom Johnson

      Thanks for your comment, Rachel. It’s good to get feedback about podcasts. I also agree that DMN and Harry Miller are key figures in this medium (as is Alistair Christie), but unfortunately they haven’t been very active in producing new material lately. The dearth of feedback I get on podcasts, though, makes me wonder how many podcast listeners are out there for my audience. I really don’t hear much back when I post a podcast. I should probably take another poll to make sure I’m expending my effort in the right direction. I generally enjoy interacting with other professionals, though, so I’m not entirely audience-driven about my content decisions.

      1. idratherbepodcasting

        If this is of any help, I actually do enjoy your podcasts.

        In fact, in an industry where there are so few technical writers who actually produce podcasts, apart from alistair christie, this is one of the many things I can always look forward to.

        A good thing about podcasts, as you’ve probably written about before, is that you can play them again. There are some podcasts on idratherbewriting I listen to repeatedly, 2-3 times, on the computer or on the train/ipod. I am currently particularly interested podcasting, interviewing, natural voice and setting up the Zoom for interviews. The podcasts in particular were actually recorded over a period of 2-3 years, but when you play them in a play list together they make perfect sense. In fact you can actually hear the gradual progression of the podcast, if it were seen as a performance – circa 2006 to the rock solid sounding ones in 2008 onwards.

        If anything, don’t stop podcasting. Of course, if time permits.

        You’ve got some of the best collection of interviews in the field. You always write and speak with the heart of a person that is close to the industry. In places of the world where no communities like this exist, your blog is a real gem of a find.

        If its of any value my podcast subscription list includes idratherbewriting, BBC World of Business, NPR Radiolab, WNYC Soundcheck and itauthor.


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