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Selling Girl Scout cookies

Mar 13, 2016 • family

These past three weekends, Callie and Lucy and Molly have been selling Girl Scout cookies. I’ve been one of the adults at the their cookie booth each time.

It's that time of year. Support...

Sometimes I wish I could dress...

Now Lucy is the cookie.

Cookie booth setup.

The first time we were out selling, we brought Molly. But after about an hour and a half, she and her sisters were fighting over who got to do which task (hold the money, display the sign, or tally up the sales). After that, we unfortunately had to leave Molly at home. Daisies aren’t really mature enough to last more than about an hour and a half at these cookie booths.

Callie and Lucy have a blast selling. On an average 3-hour block, we probably sell 75-100 boxes of cookies in a good spot (near a bank or grocery store). With other locations, such as outside Starbucks, the total boxes sold can be as little as 20 for the whole 3 hours.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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