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Interested in working as a technical writer at Amazon?

Jun 3, 2016 • general

We're looking to add a couple of technical writers to our Appstore documentation team at Amazon in the Seattle and Sunnyvale locations. If you're interested, contact me. The focus is on developer documentation, so you'll need to be comfortable documenting web services.

To read more about the technical writer positions at Amazon, see the following:

In both of these positions, you’ll get to work on documenting Alexa, which is the voice service that powers the Echo and other devices. The documentation will appear in the Amazon Developer Portal.

In my opinion, this is an incredible opportunity, as you’ll be creating documentation for an innovative, interesting product that is defining a new space in the market. In fact, Jeff Bezos says Alexa could be one of the four pillars of Amazon.

On another note, I had no idea how difficult it was to find technical writers with developer documentation experience until trying to fill these positions. This has made me realize a few things:

  • There’s a tremendous market opportunity for tech writers in developer documentation
  • There aren’t many tech writers who have this background
  • Creating documentation for developers poses unique and interesting challenges

That said, this role focuses on web services, not Java programming or other mainstream programming languages. (There are many other tech writer roles with developer doc that would require more technical expertise.)

If you’re interested, contact me and send me your resume. Note that this position isn’t remote. You have to work in Seattle or Sunnyvale (or possibly Irvine).

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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