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Recording of OpenAPI and Swagger presentation (for STC and WTD San Diego)

How to become a voracious reader

How do you communicate user progress in a course without a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Intro to API Documentation -- recording of presentation to STC Silicon Valley chapter on 11/20/2017

SwaggerHub: A collaborative platform for working on OpenAPI/Swagger specification files, and more

Has plain language deepened or ruined our delight in language?

Discoveries and realizations while walking down the Docs-as-Code path

Why Stack Overflow's Documentation effort failed -- a few thoughts from a technical writer's perspective

Tech docs and Agile: Alternatives to integrating into engineering Scrums (Part 2)

Tech docs and Agile: Problems with integrating tech writers into engineering Scrums (Part 1)

Why simple language isn't so simple: the struggle to create plain language in documentation

When the pain of ignorance exceeds the pain of learning

Transparency in documentation: dealing with limits about what you can and cannot say

Recording of my WTD Portland 2017 presentation on Building navigation for your doc site -- 5 best practices

Recording of User-Centered Design Principles for Organizing Documentation

Recording: Modern Technical Writing, by Andrew Etter (STC Silicon Valley chapter)

Recording: Writing tech docs like a hacker with Jekyll

Recording of Open Authoring -- Collaboration Across Disciplines presentation, by Ralph Squillace

Saving Your Sanity Through Better Client Relations -- with Alisa Bonsignore

How can technical writers thrive in agile environments? Event recording and details

Recording of Let's Tell a Story -- Scenario-Based Documentation, by Matt Ness (STC Silicon Valley Presentation)

Balancing the never-ending list of documentation to write with your natural interests and passions

Presentation recording: Hunting for API developer documentation jobs in the San Francisco Bay area, by Andrew Davis

The complexities of translation and the need for dynamic variables in the build process

Will the docs-as-code approach scale? Responding to comments on my Review of Modern Technical Writing

The Story of Paligo: A new browser-based CCMS with all the features you'd ever want

Review of Andrew Etter's ebook on Modern Technical Writing

Applying Tim Ferriss' 4-hour work week rules to tech comm projects

Thoughts on Transforming Documentation Processes presentation at WTD: Evaluating the trend to treat documentation as code

Context switching and efficiency -- Kanban to the rescue?

Why Programming Sucks and the fallacy of documentation in the context of code chaos

Thoughts on Documentation Avoidance for Programmers

Presentation recording: Move Fast And ... Document Things? Lessons learned in building documentation culture at a startup, by Ruthie Bendor

Recording of Version Control, Writers, and Worfklows by Richard Mateosian

Podcast: Spec-driven Development of REST APIs, with a focus on RAML -- interview with Michael Stowe

Udemy podcast (with me) and infographic on technical writing

Podcast: The divide between academics and practitioners -- Interview with Lisa Meloncon

Podcast: How do design, length, and relevance affect how people use API reference docs -- interview with Bob Watson

The key to writing good documentation: Testing your instructions

API Documentation presentation to East Bay STC chapter -- slides and recording

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