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The Evolution of Technical Writing

This post is brought to you by, a website hosting company made up from skilled hosting professionals who offer exceptional customer service and technical support. Note: I don’t often publish guest posts from sponsors, but I think this essay provides a brief yet informative history of the tech comm profession that is worth reading. Continue Reading »

Thirteen life hacks


The other day I ran across a post detailing 46 brilliant life hacks. Since then I’ve been mulling over a few of my own life hacks and wanted to share them here. The following are a few tips that have worked for me. They are totally random, covering “life” in general, but I’ll share them Continue Reading »

Benefits of tool diversity, part II

In my previous post, Is tool fragmentation a good thing?, I lamented the trend toward tool fragmentation in the tech comm community, noting several disadvantages that fragmentation brings: fragmentation of community and knowledge sharing increased overhead of learning new tools frustration with HR departments who expect strong knowledge of their chosen tool (among hundreds) I Continue Reading »