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Documentation Usability: A Few Things I’ve Learned from Watching Users

I received another question from John from Delaware. It was actually in his other e-mail, but I neglected to address it because I don’t usually spend so much time answering readers’ questions. This one, however, addresses a topic I’m presenting on in a usability progression at the upcoming STC Summit in Atlanta. Concerned about the Continue Reading »

Quick Reference Guides: Short and Sweet Documentation

This is the proceedings writeup that my colleague Ben Minson and I wrote to accompany our presentation on quick reference guides for the upcoming STC Summit in Atlanta. Be sure to check out the quick reference gallery mentioned near the end. Tom’s Perspective: The Need for Shorter Documentation Several years ago, the customers I wrote Continue Reading »

Quick Reference Guide Formats — Tips for Finding Attractive Layouts

Quick reference guides provide one or two page condensed instructions. Formats for quick reference guides vary dramatically and can involve complex, multi-colored layouts, or just simple text callouts next to a few images. The other day I stopped by a local thrift store (Desert Industries) and picked up a few magazines for $.25 cents a Continue Reading »