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Recorded video presentations

I’ve given numerous presentations on API documentation, and I’ve recorded most of them. The most recent presentations are available below. Keep in mind that my API content evolves, so some older presentations might no longer match the course content.

Most recent API workshop recording

The most recording is a workshop I gave to STC/WTD Denver (the event description is here). The recording is divided into three parts. Each of these sections includes a video recording, audio file, and slides.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Audio only recordings

Part I:

Download MP3

Part II:

Download MP3

Part III:

Download MP3

If you’re driving across the country and you want to listen to all audio combined into one consolidated file (consisting of parts I, II, and III), you can do so here:

Publishing API Docs

(This section wasn’t included directly during the workshop but rather as a supporting presentation.)

This is a presentation I gave to the WTD South Bay group – more details are here. This video covers the Publishing API docs section in this course.

If you just want to browse the slides, see the Course Slides.

Other API course recordings

The following are other video recordings for API-related presentations:

Intro to API docs

I gave this presentation to the STC Silicon Valley chapter – more details are here. This video covers these course sections:

Docs as code tools and workflows

This is a presentation I gave to STC/WTD Denver – more details are here. The video covers the Docs as code tools and Case study: Switching tools to docs-as-code topics.

OpenAPI and Swagger

This was a presentation I gave to the STC/WTD San Diego chapter (more details are here. This video covers the OpenAPI specification and Swagger section.

How to Add Swagger to your API

I gave this presentation as a TC Dojo webinar (more details are here). It covers the OpenAPI specification and Swagger section in this course.

Sacramento API workshop

For a longer (and older) video, here’s a recording from a 4-hour workshop I gave to the STC Sacramento chapter (more details about the workshop are here).

India API workshop

Here’a recording of an API workshop I gave in India a while back (more details are here). In contrast to other videos, this one includes (near the last 30 min.) some of the Java API parts of the course.

For more details about past presentations, see Presentations on my blog.

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