Upcoming presentations

  1. "Publishing tools for API documentation." January 18, 2018. South Bay WTD chapter.
  2. API documentation. Feb 21, 2018. STC SF chapter.
  3. API documentation workshop (full-day). Boulder, Colorado. March 10, 2018.

Previous API doc presentations and workshops

The following are previous API presentations or workshops I’ve given. Some have recordings. For a full list of past presentations (including both API and other topics), see the presentations page on my blog.


If you would like to contribute back to say thank you for the API documentation course, click the Donate button below. Alternatively, to contribute content, such as a tutorial or a new section, contact me with your ideas. You can also submit a pull request in the GitHub repo to make your contribution. Even if you want to just fix a typo or add a sentence here and there, it's always welcome.

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