Impressions from the Write the Docs Conference -- and thoughts on achieving sustainability without selling out to vendors

I recently returned from the 2017 Write the Docs conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference had two days of sessions (Monday and Tuesday), preceded by a day of doc writing sprints and workshops. I also participated in a 5-mile conference hike on Saturday. Although this was the fifth year of the WTD conference (it began in 2013), this was my first time attending. In this post, I'll share my impressions of the conference, contrasting it primarily with other tech comm conferences such as the STC. Read more »

Slides for Write the Docs Portland presentation on doc navigation best practices

Slides for my presentation on doc navigation are available below. I'm giving this presentation at Write the Docs Portland on May 15. The presentation is about 20 minutes long. Read more »

Testing your documentation -- updates in API doc course

Testing your documentation is such an important part of tech writing that I decided to expand the sections on testing docs in my API doc course. I actually grouped these pages into their own section, amplifying the content with more detail and better organization. Read more »

Write the Docs Podcast Episode 5 -- Where do we belong?

In this episode of the Write the Docs podcast, we explore where technical writers belong in an organization. Is tech comm best placed within engineering, marketing, product management, or another group? We also talk about strategies for doc navigation, in particular, the merits of inline links and/or sidebar navigation, using a post from Every Page Is Page One as a starting point. Are hierarchical sidebar menus still useful, or are they a relic of the past? Finally, we provide details about the upcoming Write the Docs conference in Portland, and Chris mentions his new book on responsive design. Read more »