Unexpected realizations after a comprehensive review of my 2017 site metrics

I usually start the beginning of the year by reviewing metrics for the previous year. These metrics help me better understand my readers, the trending topics and issues, and other points of interest. In 2017, my site averaged 2,300 page views a day. The average reader is a 30-year-old female living in New York using Chrome on a Windows PC who identifies as a technophile. Looking at the metrics, I had some unexpected realizations. First, these topics seem to emerge as the most popular: Swagger, agile, quick reference guides, trends, plain language, and tech writing careers. Longer posts, usually 1,600+ words, are more frequently read. Titles with words that include "fail" or "realizations" or "limits" or other contrarian triggers get more reads. Social media traffic is small compared to organic search. And finally, no common narrative pattern emerged in the posts other than a simple relevance technique in the intro, which I usually always start with. Read more »

Upcoming WTD South Bay presentation: Publishing tools for API documentation

I'm giving a presentation called "Publishing tools for API documentation" at the Write the Docs South Bay meetup group on January 18, 2018. The location for the meetup is Google's Mountain View campus. Read more »

New STC Intercom article: How to Research What You Need to Learn to Be Successful as a Technical Writer

I published an article in the most recent issue of STC's Intercom magazine titled "How to Research What You Need to Learn to Be Successful as a Technical Writer" (Nov/Dec 2017). The article explores the approach I take in "researching" topics at work to gather the information needed for documentation. Read more »