My Calm Meditation app -- another experiment to test my docs

I recently created an HTML5 web app called Calm Meditation. If you have a Fire TV, you can check out the app by searching for it in the Amazon Appstore. I'm not really into meditation, but I needed some sample video content to test out a web app framework I'm documenting. The idea I came up with for generic video content involved nature still scenes with some background music. I think it worked out okay, actually. There's a whole genre of these types of apps, apparently. Read more »

Tutorial on converting an HTML site into a Jekyll theme

I recently added a tutorial on converting an HTML site into a Jekyll theme. This tutorial shows how easy it is to make any HTML site Jekyll ready with just a few tags. Creating Jekyll themes is one of the aspects of Jekyll I enjoy the most. Read more »

Following instructions involves learning a new language -- adventures with Tinker Crate projects

In following instructions to assemble a Tinker Crate project over the weekend, I realized that a list of parts (essential for assembly kits) is similar to a glossary in that it teaches you a new vocabulary. Software projects also involve new vocabulary terms, but software instructions often omit the glossary (or list of parts). However, if you look at the glossary as a dictionary for new vocabulary, its inclusion in software instructions becomes just as essential as a list of parts in an assembly manual. Read more »

Write the Docs Podcast app now on Fire TV, and the importance of testing your docs with sample apps

The Write the Docs Podcast app is now on Fire TV. If you have a Fire TV, search for write the docs or even just technical writing in the Amazon Appstore and you'll find it. I created this app to better understand the Android app template I was documenting. This app template, called Fire App Builder, is designed for third-party Java Android developers creating streaming media apps. Read more »