The Evolutionary Strategy of Web 2.0 — It’s Like Having 100 Personal Researchers Working For You

I finally found a perfect answer to the question “what’s in it for me” when it comes to blogging, podcasting, and the other social media. In this IT Conversations panelist podcast from SofTECH, Robert Rebholz explains he engages in Web 2.0 media (blogs, social tagging, and other social collaborative sites) because the ROI for information Continue Reading »

Nine Lessons for Would-be Bloggers — Great Advice from Josh Porter on Overcoming Blogging Hangups

Joshua Porter’s 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers gives some of the best advice about blogging I’ve ever read. Porter says people hesitate to blog because they’re afraid of putting themselves on public display, or of not having anything interesting to say. He encourages you to lose your fear of criticism, and to recognize you do Continue Reading »

Wikinomics: Combining Wikis with Economics; the More You Share, the More You Win

Wikinomics explores the economic side of wikis. In this Harvard Business Review (HBR) ideacast, Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, tells a story about a CEO of a gold mining company who embraced wiki principles to boost his company’s revenue from 90 million to 10 billion. Frustrated by his geologists’ inability Continue Reading »

Plagiarism and Cannibalism Both Natural and Necessary, say Writers and Musicians

In a podcast on plagiarism by Public Radio International, Jonathan Lethem interviews Jim Fleming, a writer, and Paul Miller, a musician, about their thoughts on the controversial practice of reusing others’ content without the owners’ consent. They refer to plagiarism as recycling what’s been done before, “cannibalizing” it and creating something new that is composed Continue Reading »

Creating Passionate Users Explains How to Make the Best User Manual Ever

Kathy Sierra from Creating Passionate Users made an A+ post titled The Best User Manuals EVER today. The most interesting tip was to structure your user manuals by layers of difficulty, and motivate users to progress to the next layer. The manuals Kathy mentioned give instructions about horse riding rather than software, but similar principles Continue Reading »

Free Podcasts at Open Culture: Informational Podcasts on Almost Everything

Free podcasts over at (Actually, 99% of podcasts are free, but it’s an adjective that never hurts.) The sheer volume of worthwhile, information podcasts listed on this Open Culture is amazing. I’m going to be spending a few hours just grabbing all the podcast feeds into my FeedDemon newsreader. Wish they had a big Continue Reading »