Examples of companies integrating podcasts into their mix of technical communication deliverables?

Someone wrote to me asking if I have examples of companies integrating podcasts into their mix of technical communication deliverables.  If you know of any, please let me know in the comments to this post. Here’s what come to mind: I know Novell does podcasts. BMC also provides podcasts. Boagworld uses instructional podcasts as a Continue Reading »

37 Signals, To Do Lists — Printable To Do Lists To Get Organized

37 Signals’ to-do lists, which offer printable to-do lists online to help you get organized, or to simply make lists, is one of the most useful tools I’ve used lately. Although I didn’t write favorably about 37 Signal’s Campfire chat product, I really recommend their to-do lists. Mainly, all their products are cool, but the Continue Reading »

“I don’t have time to listen to podcasts…”

If you haven’t started listening to podcasts yet because you don’t have time, try fitting in podcasts during these hours: While you’re driving to work While you’re exercising While you lie down at night to fall asleep While you’re walking your dog While you’re running errands While you’re shopping for groceries While you’re bicycling around Continue Reading »

Review of Word 2007, Tool vs. Industry Experience, the Slow Movement, E-mail Tips, and More

Download the MP3 file Duration: 33 min. In this week’s Tech Writer Voices podcast, Heidi and I talk about some innovative research from Microsoft, Word 2007, convincing upper management you’re not a cost, focusing on information users actually want, tool versus industry experience, the curse of knowledge, the slow movement, and a tip for handling Continue Reading »

Grammar Girl Podcast — Some Thoughts on Grammar as a Topic for a Podcast

Grammar Girl is the latest subject of the DMN Communications podcast. The Grammar Girl podcast covers … you guessed it, grammar. What’s surprising is the popularity of this podcast. The popularity prompts a thought-provoking question: in a world of degenerating language, where sentences are massacred in text messages, poorly written blog posts, reader comments, user Continue Reading »

Never Listen to Voicemail via Cell Phone Again — Callwave.com & Spinvox Deliver Voicemail to Email for Free

Callwave.com is a pretty cool service. When people leave voicemail messages on your cell phone, rather than having to listen to the messages on your phone, Callwave sends the voice message to your email inbox. The following image shows a sample delivery of the message. You click Open and the message plays.

Guy Kawasaki’s Impossible Burden: After Blog and E-mail, There’s No Time to Write the Book

Brian Oberkirch has interviewed some really cool people over in Silicon Valley. In this podcast from Oberkirch, Guy Kawasaki reveals some thought-provoking dilemmas about his blog habits. Guy is a big name in tech — former evangelist for Apple, now a venture capitalist. During the first 20 minutes they talk about startups, why some succeed Continue Reading »

Matt Mullenweg Explains Genius of Akismet and Appeal of Fast Development Cycles

I listened to an awesome podcast today. Brian Oberkirch from Edgework talks with Matt Mullenweg about WordPress. Of course I love WordPress so it was great to hear from Matt, the WordPress lead. Matt said a few things about Akismet and accelerated development cycles that were interesting. Akismet, the spam-blocking software packaged with WordPress and Continue Reading »

Eric Schwartzman Talks About Integrating Podcasts into the Marketing Mix

This podcast from Podcast Academy talks about integrating podcasting into your company’s mix of marketing deliverables. Schwartzman talks about how, for an opera site, his company added podcasts that consisted of opera singer interviews. He says the main purpose of a podcast should be to drive listeners to your website—the website should be the center Continue Reading »