Experimenting with Jekyll for tech comm


Today I had the opportunity to explore Jekyll a bit more. Jekyll is a static site generator that helps you build websites quickly. The sites can be blog sites or regular sites (or documentation sites). However they’re used, there’s definitely a trend toward static site generators over database-driven sites. Seven years ago, online CMS platforms Continue Reading »

API doc survey: Most challenging aspect of API documentation


In my API documentation survey, one of the questions I asked was the following: What aspect of API doc do you find most challenging (e.g., understanding code)? This turned out to be a great question. Because the responses were open-ended, I didn’t force respondents to select from a pre-existing list. Instead, they could write whatever they Continue Reading »

API doc survey result: How to learn what you need to know?


In my API doc survey, one of the questions I asked was the following: How did you learn what you needed to know (e.g., Lynda.com, Safaribooksonline)? 41 people responded. The results look like this: Once again, all answers were freeform, so I grouped similar answers into like categories. For “self-taught,” people wrote things like trial Continue Reading »

Podcast: Automating REST API documentation, with Peter Gruenbaum


Length: 40 min. Download MP3 (right-click and select Save As) In this podcast, Peter Gruenbaum talks about automating REST API documentation. Here are a few questions I asked Peter during the podcast: What do people mean when they use the term “automated documentation”? Is automated documentation preferable to manual documentation? Why is it more difficult Continue Reading »