API Doc presentation slides and recording


Yesterday I presented “Publishing strategies for API documentation” to the San Francisco STC chapter. Here are my slides and recording. Publishing strategies for API documentation from Tom Johnson PowerPoint in other format: pptx | zip Length: 60 min. Download MP3 (right-click and select Save As) Also, I know I posted it earlier, but here’s the Continue Reading »

Why developers will never adopt DITA


Ever wonder why developers resist DITA so much? Take a look at this comparison. Here are two ways to describe a simple task of printing a page. DITA syntax <task id=”task_mhs_zjk_pp”> <title>Printing a page</title> <taskbody> <steps> <stepsection>To print a page:</stepsection> <step> <cmd>Go to <menucascade> <uicontrol>File</uicontrol><uicontrol>Print</uicontrol> </menucascade></cmd> </step> <step> <cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Print</uicontrol> button.</cmd> </step> </steps> </taskbody> Continue Reading »