API Doc presentation slides and recording


Yesterday I presented “Publishing strategies for API documentation” to the San Francisco STC chapter. Here are my slides and recording. Publishing strategies for API documentation from Tom Johnson PowerPoint in other format: pptx | zip Length: 60 min. Download MP3 (right-click and select Save As) Also, I know I posted it earlier, but here’s the Continue Reading »

Why developers will never adopt DITA


Ever wonder why developers resist DITA so much? Take a look at this comparison. Here are two ways to describe a simple task of printing a page. DITA syntax <task id=”task_mhs_zjk_pp”> <title>Printing a page</title> <taskbody> <steps> <stepsection>To print a page:</stepsection> <step> <cmd>Go to <menucascade> <uicontrol>File</uicontrol><uicontrol>Print</uicontrol> </menucascade></cmd> </step> <step> <cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Print</uicontrol> button.</cmd> </step> </steps> </taskbody> Continue Reading »

Using WordPress natively for single source publishing and conditional content


In this series, I’m exploring ways to author in DITA and publish with WordPress. In previous posts, some commenters wondered whether it would be possible to simply author everything in WordPress, rather than continually importing from DITA. In this post, I’ll explore that model. One of the strengths of authoring content directly in WordPress is Continue Reading »