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Podcast: Educational Programs and Workplace Practices

Last week we recorded an Intermountain-STC chapter event, “Educational Programs and Workplace Practices,” held in Layton, Utah. The event included a panel of academics from local technical communication programs in Utah. We had six programs represented: BYU Provo, Westminster College, Utah Valley University, University of Utah, Utah State University, and Weber Utah State University.

Are Academics Just Talking to Themselves?

Last week I was at a writing conference at BYU Idaho and had some interesting thoughts about the academia, as I often do when I’m in a university setting. In one conversation with a faculty member, I mentioned how great it would be to have access to a university library’s online journal databases, so that Continue Reading »

Being boring (Sins of blogging)

Being boring is sin #3 in my list of the seven deadly sins (other sins include being fake, irrelevant, unreadable, irresponsible, unfindable, and inattentive). Perhaps a more tactful way of saying something is boring is to say the writer neglects to “keep the audience’s attention.” I’m always hearing about the short attention spans of online audiences, Continue Reading »