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Message from Sponsors — January 2013


Talk Plugin for Atlassian Confluence If you use Atlassian Confluence for creating documentation, you might have noticed that it lacks something that is essential for technical writing — a reviewing feature. Talk Plugin can fix that. Talk Plugin for Confluence allows you to leave your comments everywhere on Confluence pages and blogs and take part Continue Reading »

Messages from My Tech Comm Sponsors — November 2011


Each technical communication conference I attend, one of the activities that attendees look forward to is strolling through the exhibit hall, perusing the various tech comm booths, picking up freebies and fliers, listening to vendor pitches, and generally taking in the tech comm world of products. With that in mind, and as an opportunity to Continue Reading »

Two New Tools I’m Learning

Sometimes I can hardly believe I’ve gotten along for so many years as a technical communicator without a thorough understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash. They seem critical to technical communication. Why Illustrator With vector images (which Illustrator allows you to create), your images in quick reference guides will look sharp and crisp. The Continue Reading »


InDesignSecrets. This is a cool site — lots of tips and tricks if you use InDesign. And it has an extensive and regular podcast.

Adobe Acrobat.com

Adobe Acrobat.com — Free online web conferencing through Acrobat.com. I think it’s limited to 3 people, but still, how cool!