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What I Learned in Searching for a Job


The most common questions I get on my blog are questions about finding jobs in technical writing. While looking for jobs the other month, I realized a few things that I haven’t actually recommended before. Here are a few notes from my recent job search: Large companies often select candidates to interview based on employee Continue Reading »

Guest Post: Core Skills for Technical Writers Often Overlooked

The following is a guest post by Vinish Garg, Director of Operations in Technical Documentation at vhite systems. When I watched the Master Chef series (Australian version and then Indian version) last year, an important lesson for contestants was to not focus only on extraordinary or most creative dishes. The judges never really looked only for Continue Reading »

Students Contemplate Whether a Technical Writing Career Will Be Fulfilling

For the past couple of years in October, I’ve gone up to Brigham Young University Idaho to talk to students at their professional writing conference. I’m going up there again this year. In preparation, I asked my colleague who teaches there whether students still think of technical writing as a sellout/fallback career, or whether they’re Continue Reading »

Technical Writer Ranks #5 in Least Stressful Jobs; Also, CNN Money Total Jobs Count Screwy

CNN Money.com said technical writing is the #28 best job in the U.S., with an average salary of $67k and a projected job growth rate of 20% over ten years. Best is determined by “great pay and superior growth prospects. Work that’s meaningful.” Interestingly, 56.4% of technical writers say their job is “low-stress,” which makes Continue Reading »

Creativity in the Workplace

In previous posts, I’ve explored whether technical writing is boring. Penelope Trunk’s latest post, All advice on how to manage creative people is awful, made me see the topic of workplace boredom in a different light. Citing research in sociology, Penelope explains that “people who work are happier than people who don’t because people who are Continue Reading »

Can Others Do Your Job?

John from Delaware, who has a job in technical support, asked my advice about whether he should become a technical writer. He expressed some concern about the field, explaining that since almost everyone can write, the skill of technical writing must be decreasing in value. For example, technical writing can be easily outsourced. In an Continue Reading »