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Will We Still Know Us, Tomorrow?

This is a guest post by Michael Hobren. Michael is a technical and “marcom” contract writer, as well as a fictional novelist. He resides with his family in the Tampa, Florida area. As a technical writer, I don’t think my late father ever quite understood what I do for a living. I would try to Continue Reading »

Technical Writing Is More Than “Click This, Select That” [Podcast]

Download MP3 Length: 50 min. This is a presentation I gave at BYU Idaho last week to students interested in entering professional writing. For the accompanying slides, see this post. For the overall question I was trying to tackle, see Students Contemplate Whether a Technical Writing Career Will Be Fulfilling.

Substandard Wages for Technical Writers: A Growing Trend?

This week’s question comes from Mary in New York: I am a loyal reader of your blog and have gained more from it than all the seminars and continuing ed courses I’ve taken–which cost me a good chunk of my salary. Recently, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend which I hope you might consider blogging about. Continue Reading »