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Professional Technical Writing Careers — Answers to Questions, by Cheryl Landes

Technical communication professors often ask students to interview a professional technical writer to get a better sense of the field. The following responses are from Cheryl Landes, a professional technical and marketing communicator. Cheryl owns her own company, Tabby Cat Communications. The questions come from a student at Missouri State University. What preparation did you have for Continue Reading »

Will We Still Know Us, Tomorrow?

This is a guest post by Michael Hobren. Michael is a technical and “marcom” contract writer, as well as a fictional novelist. He resides with his family in the Tampa, Florida area. As a technical writer, I don’t think my late father ever quite understood what I do for a living. I would try to Continue Reading »

My Comments on “Best Careers 2011: Technical Writer – US News and World Report”

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Best Careers 2011: Technical Writer – US News and World Report. It doesn’t amaze me that technical writer is listed in the top 50 careers. Technical writer appeared as a top 50 career in 2006 and 2009 in CNN Money. Each year there’s a lot of controversy about the description, Continue Reading »

Technical Communication Careers: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche (BYU Idaho Presentation)

Tomorrow I’m driving up to BYU Idaho to give a presentation titled “Technical Communication Careers: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche.” It’s part of their annual Pre-Professional Writing Conference for English and professional writing students. I like to go because I have an old colleague up there who teaches English (we spent 2 years in Continue Reading »

Answers About the Field of Technical Writing for Students

Download MP3 Length: 27 min. In this monologue podcast, I answer a student’s questions about the field of technical writing, including how I fell into it, what kinds of projects I work on, and other details. Her questions are as follows: What did you study in college and where did you attend? What degrees/certificates do Continue Reading »

Perspectives on a Career in Technical Writing: Responses from 16 Tech Comm Professionals

Students at Missouri State University asked me some questions about technical writing as a career. To provide a balance of opinion and perspective, I opened up the questions to my Twitter followers and asked them to respond as well. What is your job title? Eileen Potter: Senior Product Content Specialist (in June I changed positions Continue Reading »

Changing Your Career to Technical Writing [Guest Responses from Bill Albing and Alyssa Fox]

Recently a reader wrote me asking for advice on changing careers into technical writing. I asked for some colleagues to respond. Bill Albing, an information architect in North Carolina, and Alyssa Fox, a technical communications manager in Texas, responded to the question. With permission from Bill, Alyssa, and “Cedric” (the name I’ve given the reader), I posted Continue Reading »

“Tom Johnson: A Modern Day Technical Writer” — NIU Article

Alex Otil, a student at Northern Illinois University, recently interviewed me for an article titled Tom Johnson: A Modern Day Technical Writer. It’s a short article probably mainly of interest to students thinking of entering the field of technical writing. Students will also find the newsletter as a whole full of relevant information about entering technical Continue Reading »