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Is Collaborative Authoring Over-Hyped?

If there’s one business buzzword that you hear all over the place, “collaboration” must rank in the top 10. When it comes to technical writing, if we open our arms to collaboration, giving a warm embrace to “collaborative authoring” is only one more little step. It feels so tolerant and embracing to be collaborative. It Continue Reading »

Why don’t technical writers use wikis — or do they?

The following is a guest post by Sarah Maddox, a technical writer at Atlassian. In a recent conversation, Tom mentioned that he’s been pondering this question: “Why, in a time when collaboration is more important than ever, do wikis still remain mostly unused as a help authoring tool in tech comm departments?” Tom asked me Continue Reading »

Why I Returned to Wikis for Help Authoring

5/23/2012 Update: See a more updated post, When Wikis Succeed and Fail. Last week I was feeling a bit stretched out about not having enough time to accomplish everything I needed to do. Granted, I gave several webinars to a total of 2,000 people, which was somewhat stressful, but I was more stressed about the Continue Reading »

Google Plus as a Professional Communication Tool

The following is a guest post by Shay Shaked. I’ve been messing around with Google Plus for about two weeks now. It occurred to me, after reading Tom Johnson’s latest post about content strategy and listening to his podcast about the same topic, that Google Plus is, perhaps unintentionally, the best professional social network with Continue Reading »

Collaborative Posts Q&A

Kristi Leach interviewed me for a quick Q&A about the occasional collaborative posts that I do on this site. You can read the interview on Kristi’s site, Why Tech Comm. Here’s an excerpt: When I was deciding on a format for my workshop, Grassroots Documentation Testing, I thought of Tom Johnson’s collaborative posts on his Continue Reading »

The Real Source of Findability

I was talking to a colleague today about wikis when he mentioned Google, and how Google has such a brilliantly simple solution that allows users to find content. With Google, there’s a search box. The users type keywords they want information about, and most of the time Google returns brilliantly relevant results. While some credit Continue Reading »

Formalizing My Help Strategy

In a previous post, I started to explain my approach to help authoring. I’m trying to flesh this out into a more developed and detailed — but not too long — statement about how I do help. This information would be useful both to project managers as well as other writers I work with. I Continue Reading »