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Collaborative Posts Q&A

Kristi Leach interviewed me for a quick Q&A about the occasional collaborative posts that I do on this site. You can read the interview on Kristi’s site, Why Tech Comm. Here’s an excerpt: When I was deciding on a format for my workshop, Grassroots Documentation Testing, I thought of Tom Johnson’s collaborative posts on his Continue Reading »

Formalizing My Help Strategy

In a previous post, I started to explain my approach to help authoring. I’m trying to flesh this out into a more developed and detailed — but not too long — statement about how I do help. This information would be useful both to project managers as well as other writers I work with. I Continue Reading »

The Role of the Gatekeeper

Sarah O’Keefe’s guest post — The Role of the Gatekeeper is Changing — on Peg Mulligan’s blog is interesting. Sarah writes, The Internet is removing the traditional gatekeepers for content. This may seem obvious, but its implications in my life have been profound. I majored in English and then earned an MFA in creative writing. Continue Reading »

Design Reviews and Posting Without Answers

Recently our technical writing team at work (Information Strategies and Design) started holding regular design reviews. The review sessions are patterned after meetings that our interaction designers hold regularly, in which they get together and critique each others designs and approaches toward user interfaces. In our design review sessions, a couple of members from our Continue Reading »

Converting Lurkers into Contributors in Online Communities — Nielsen’s 90-9-1 Rule

Jakob Nielsen explains that with web 2.0 communities, 90% are lurkers who never contribute, 9% contribute a little, and 1% actively contribute. I wish I knew the secret formula for reversing those statistics. Nielsen mentions a few strategies for improving those stats at the end. One strategy is to take advantage of”read wear,” which refers Continue Reading »