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Discovering Relationship Tables

Lately I’ve been creating context-sensitive help for an online application. As part of my strategy, I’ve been trying to follow Theresa Putkey’s advice in “Usability in Context-Sensitive Help.” In her article, Theresa recommends providing more than just the steps for a specific task in the context-sensitive help window. Instead, she says to show more contextual Continue Reading »

Tip for Usability in Context-Sensitive Help

Theresa Putkey explains how to make context-sensitive help more usable. Don’t just present a single task to the user that relates to the page the user is on, but rather present a variety of topics spanning the how, when, why, and other related issues for the page.

Flare Context Sensitive Help – Focusing the Minimized Help Window Back on Top

Context-sensitive help in Madcap Flare is pretty easy to set up – you just follow the steps in Flare’s context-sensitive help instructions. However, there’s a usability problem that you must work around for the context-sensitive help to be successful. Let me explain. When the user clicks a context-sensitive help link, a help window appears, as it Continue Reading »

IT Author Podcast — Two Podcasts on Flare, One on the Making of a Technical Writer, and a Dogcast on User Psychology

I listened to Alistair Christie’s IT Author podcast the other day online and then later driving home from work. Alistair is based in Scotland and has one of the most enjoyable podcasts on technical communication around. If you listen to podcasts, add his podcast to your feed.  His latest episodes are as follows: In Flare: Continue Reading »