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Podcast — Visual Composing: Document Design for Print and Digital Media, with Jo Mackiewicz

Download MP3 Length: 45 min. Recently Jo Mackiewicz (Auburn University) and Kathryn Riley (Illinois Institute of Technology) published Visual Composing: Document Design for Print and Digital Media with Pearson. This book covers the visual side of document design, including all the design decisions from the font you use to the colors you choose to the Continue Reading »

Directions I’m Going in 2010

Given that it’s a new year, a lot of people are writing about trends and predictions in technical communication. Ellis Pratt at Cherryleaf has an interesting post on the Top 10 Trends in Technical Communication for 2010. Larry Kunz has a post on Technical Communication Trends in 2010. Sarah O’Keefe chimed in with 2010 Predictions for Continue Reading »

Customizing a SharePoint Site

Customizing a SharePoint site is not necessary — you can use the default theme or related themes straight from the box. And this is really how SharePoint was intended to be used by the mainstream. But if you don’t want your SharePoint site to look like the hundred other SharePoint sites at your company, you Continue Reading »

A Technical Writer with Extra Privileges? Responding to a Question about Roles (Videocast)

Download in iPod format Jim from Iowa writes: I was doing some career research involving technical writing and stumbled upon your website.  I had a question about that sort of thing, and you seem like a good person to ask. To be frank, I have two main interests–writing and technology.  I love to read and write, but Continue Reading »

Good Designs Have Strong Contrast

Since I’ve been reading The Non-Designers Design Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Novice, I’ve started to see the importance of contrast everywhere. The author, Robin Williams, argues that contrast is one of the four pillars of design, and that most people don’t include enough of it. As a result, rather than contrast, they Continue Reading »