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Podcast: Using Video in Training and Documentation, Interview with Todd O’Neill

Download MP3 Duration: 20 min. In this podcast, rich media specialist Todd O’Neill explains how to add video to your training and documentation deliverables. Many technical writers are intimidated by the learning curve, equipment costs, and software they think they need to create video, but actually you can create engaging videos with minimal equipment (e.g., Continue Reading »

Podcast: Workspaces, Collaboration, and Information Sharing — Interview with Emma Hamer

Download MP3 Duration: 15 min. IT project teams often need to increase collaboration and communication, but they’re hampered by the cubicle walls and other physical silos they set up in the workplace. These physical obstacles force teams to have frequent meetings — which can be long and inefficient — just to keep each other updated. Continue Reading »

Podcast: Why Content Management Projects Fail, Interview with Rahel Bailie

Download MP3 Duration: 27 min. Many content management projects fail because organizations are either too focused on tools before properly researching their needs and processes, or because they underestimate the difficulty of migrating and restructuring their content to fit the new content management system. In this podcast, Rahel Bailie explains these pitfalls and what companies Continue Reading »