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Feedburner Add Customizable Subject Lines to Email Subscriptions

Feedburner Add Customizable Subject Lines to Email Subscriptions. Holy smokes, I’ve been waiting for Feedburner to roll out this feature forever. For all of your subscribed to email updates of my posts, you can now look forward to customized subject lines of the actual post, rather than just seeing the blog name.

WordPress Tip: “Crunching” and “Burning”

With a title like crunching and burning, it may sound like I’m writing about a painful illness, such as having leprosy with third degree burns and walking on sharp gravel. But actually this post is about the terms some companies use to try to make their applications look super-cool. If you’re a web 2.0 company Continue Reading »

Tip: Automatically Push Your Latest Blog Posts Across Twitter

I know Twitter isn’t for everyone (even though David Pogue on the New York Times recently praised Twitter’s ability to quickly gather information from your followers.) But if you have a blog, you’d be crazy not to provide a Twitter feed for it. On my blog, I give people three main subscription options: RSS, e-mail, Continue Reading »