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Reader Question: “My Wish List for Technical Writing Tools”

I recently received a comment from a reader who sent me a wish list for technical writing tools. Sam from Canada writes, Hi Tom, I’ve been enjoying your posts along with Mark Baker’s. You both have good points about technical writing trends. I could be totally wrong, but maybe it’s not the tech writers that are resisting Continue Reading »

Implementing Highlighting in Madcap Flare’s HTML5 Output

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lack of keyword highlighting in Flare’s HTML5 output, check out the script Scott DeLoach created for this. It works pretty well. Details for the HTML5 Highlighter are on Scott’s site: http://www.clickstart.net/highlighter/. I created a quick video tutorial showing how to actually incorporate the highlighter in Flare. It’s not difficult Continue Reading »

Retina Display and Screen Capture Sizes in Online Help

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other device with a retina display, you probably noticed that images appear crisper than on your regular computer monitor. The retina display significantly increases the number of pixels per inch that fit on the screen, increasing the resolution of the images. What does this mean for technical writers Continue Reading »

Messages from Sponsors — January 2012


Below are a few messages from my blog’s sponsors. Check them out and see if any interest you. Many of them have upcoming webinars. News from Madcap MadCap Software is pleased to present free live webinars from industry experts covering a variety of topics essential for today’s technical writers.  Sign up today to advance your Continue Reading »

What Tools Do Technical Writers Use

Students and others trying to break into technical writing are always wondering what tools they should use. The latest tools survey from WritersUA seems helpful in answering this question. The survey concludes that some of the most popular tools for technical writers are Adobe Acrobat, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Captivate, Dreamweaver, Madcap Flare, Framemaker, Photoshop, Robohelp, Continue Reading »

Messages from My Tech Comm Sponsors — November 2011


Each technical communication conference I attend, one of the activities that attendees look forward to is strolling through the exhibit hall, perusing the various tech comm booths, picking up freebies and fliers, listening to vendor pitches, and generally taking in the tech comm world of products. With that in mind, and as an opportunity to Continue Reading »

Second-Level Faceted Navigation [Organizing Content 8]

In my previous post, I introduced faceted classification and faceted navigation as alternative methods for organizing help content. In contrast to topic-based hierarchies, faceted navigation provides multiple paths into the same content. These multiple paths increase the likelihood that users find the right content. Peter Morville and Jeffery Callendar, two information architects, call faceted navigation “arguably the most significant search Continue Reading »