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Madcap Flare’s Extensibility: Adding jQuery to Flare

Alistair Christie recently published a podcast about Unscripted Screencasts and Flare Extensibility. In the podcast, he considers whether scripts are necessary for corporate screencasts —  a good topic for exploration and testing. But he also gets into something a little more interesting: extending Flare with jQuery. jQuery is the new Javascript. It provides smooth functionality Continue Reading »

Flare Context Sensitive Help – Focusing the Minimized Help Window Back on Top

Context-sensitive help in Madcap Flare is pretty easy to set up – you just follow the steps in Flare’s context-sensitive help instructions. However, there’s a usability problem that you must work around for the context-sensitive help to be successful. Let me explain. When the user clicks a context-sensitive help link, a help window appears, as it Continue Reading »