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From DITA to VITA: Tracing Origins and Projecting the Future

With my recent reflections on long versus short text, a comment by Michael O’neil made me wonder whether the “reading to do” mode equated with DITA’s task type, and whether the “reading to learn” mode equated to DITA’s concept type. In researching this, I stumbled across a goldmine of an article on the History of Continue Reading »

The Impact of Social Media on Technical Communication — Podcast Interview with Bill Albing

Download MP3 Duration: 27 min. In this podcast, I talk with Bill Albing, founder of KeyContent.org, about the impact of social media on technical communication. Bill talks about different ways social media helps audiences interconnect and interact. Good social media technologies enable professionals to collaborate easily, without being encumbered by complicated technology or even burdened Continue Reading »

My Blog and Podcast Site Are Now Merged into One — Steps on How I Did It

I merged my blog (idratherbewriting.com) and podcast (techwritervoices.com) into one site. If you go to techwritervoices.com, it redirects to idratherbewriting.com. All the posts that were on techwritervoices.com are now on idratherbewriting.com. See the right column for podcast information. All podcasts are in a category called Tech Writer Voices, which has its own podcast feed, the Continue Reading »