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Why Learning Software Is So Hard, and Organizing Content into Levels [Organizing Content #26]

In a previous post, Anne Sandstrom pointed out that NOBODY does tech writing as a hobby. Many developers program as a hobby. Engineers tinker around in their garage, building things. Other creative professionals, such as artists, photographers, and writers, paint scenes, take pictures, and write stories in their spare time. But I have yet to Continue Reading »

Separating Basic from Advanced Topics: How Twitter Organizes Their Help [Organizing Content #18]

When you click Twitter’s help link, the help content is divided into three categories: Twitter Basics Something’s Not Working Report a Violation This division suggests a mental pattern about how people use help. You have the newbie group. These people are new to Twitter and need a grounding in the basics, such as what an Continue Reading »

IT Author Podcast — Two Podcasts on Flare, One on the Making of a Technical Writer, and a Dogcast on User Psychology

I listened to Alistair Christie’s IT Author podcast the other day online and then later driving home from work. Alistair is based in Scotland and has one of the most enjoyable podcasts on technical communication around. If you listen to podcasts, add his podcast to your feed.  His latest episodes are as follows: In Flare: Continue Reading »