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Collaborative Posts Q&A

Kristi Leach interviewed me for a quick Q&A about the occasional collaborative posts that I do on this site. You can read the interview on Kristi’s site, Why Tech Comm. Here’s an excerpt: When I was deciding on a format for my workshop, Grassroots Documentation Testing, I thought of Tom Johnson’s collaborative posts on his Continue Reading »

The Turnaround Screencast

In Screencasts: So what?, Kristi Leach tells an engaging story about a turnaround screencast. She explains how one good screencast can change users’ attitudes about software. Here’s an excerpt: I rarely watch video online. Unless it’s a funny meme I have deliberately searched for, or a show that I missed, or Netflix, I won’t press Continue Reading »

“You know what .chms need? More bling-bling. More flash…”

Last week Kristi Leach wrote a tweet about the need for help to transform into a more attractive format: Her tweet expresses what I’ve been feeling for a long time.  There’s a massive rift between content online and content in help files. In most help files, the content is static, old, textual, boring, unhelpful, sometimes Continue Reading »