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Thinking About Vienna and the Legacy of Mozart

Having arrived a little early for the Transalpine Conference, where I’m giving a WordPress workshop and a couple of presentations, I spent the day wandering Vienna. In the morning I saw the Schonbrunn Palace, which is kind of mind-blowing in how huge and magnificent it looks. It housed 1,500 people at the time, and makes Continue Reading »

Musicophillia — The Brain’s Unexplainable Affinity for Music

I listened to a podcast nearly two weeks ago that I’m still thinking about it. Oliver Sacks, a popular neurologist storyteller, just published a book called Musicophilia that explores the brain’s love/obsession/affinity with music. In this Science Friday podcast, he shares extensive details about the book. Sacks explains that unlike other areas of the brain Continue Reading »

Brain Waves and the Stimulation of Motivation/Creativity

I listened to virtual rain fall for several hours today, trying to determine whether the pitter-patter of the falling rain is, as the Writer’s Mind CD says, stimulating the Alpha waves of my brain and causing my motivation and creative synapses to fire with extra pep as I write. Honestly, I can’t tell. The Writer’s Continue Reading »