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Real Projects for Entry-Level Writers Trying to Build Their Portfolios

Beginning writers trying to break into the field of technical writing face a paradox: almost all jobs require experience, but they can’t get experience without first having a job. In the past, I’ve recommended that beginning writers create documentation for any open-source project they can find, such as WordPress, Audacity, or projects on SourceForge.net. However, Continue Reading »

Systems that Get Better the More People Use Them

In Publishing 2.0, Tim O’Reilly says Web 2.0 is “any network effect that makes a system better the more people use it.” Web 2.0 isn’t just user-generated content; it’s harnessing the collective intelligence of your users to make your system better. O’Reilly’s definition is intriguing because it’s the opposite of the natural law of use. Continue Reading »