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New Content Strategy Podcast and Other Good Resources

Hey podcast listeners, check out Content Talks, a new podcast by Brain Traffic on content strategy. The first episode features Kristina Halverson interviewing Ann Rockley about content strategy issues. It’s a great interview, and Ann sounds lively and engaged. Kristina steers Ann towards detailed stories and experiences as they make their way through a host Continue Reading »

When Social Media Becomes Hollow

I attended Podcamp Salt Lake City (Podcampslc.org) on Friday for the third year in a row. The attendees have fluctuated. The first year, about 30 attended. The next year, about 90 attended. This year, the attendees decreased to around 45. Sometimes events just suffer from poor timing. We are all so busy. But I noticed Continue Reading »

Quick Poll on My Podcast Topic

I’m rethinking the focus of my podcast, and I’d like to get your feedback. With each of the following poll questions, you can see the results immediately. If you have responses that don’t fit the yes or no answers, please use the comments field below the post. Thanks for the feedback.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and the Real Reason You Are a Successful Writer

Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success challenges assumptions about innate genius and natural-born talent. Through a series of detailed examples, Gladwell explains away these gifts by attributing them to practice, timing, circumstance, upbringing, culture, and opportunity. In other words, those really smart, successful people we admire—Mozart, Bill Gates, the Beatles—weren’t born with natural talent. Continue Reading »

Some Notes from Podcamp

Attendance at PodcampSLC tripled from last year. More than 100 people attended, filling the main conference auditorium at Neumont University in Sandy, Utah.  I especially enjoyed the opening address from Scott Johnson of MyExtraLife.com. He recommended that you try throwing everything against the wall and see what sticks. As a cartoonist, he showed dozens of Continue Reading »

The Podfading Roller Coaster

Podfading is a term used to describe podcasters who start regular podcasting shows, but then fade away — either quickly or gradually. Podfading is a regular theme in the podcasting world. For example, Benjamin Grundy of the Mysterious Universe podcast recently went into “deep space hibernation.” Brian Oberkirch used to podcast, but hasn’t published a Continue Reading »

WordPress Tip: WordPress and Podcasting — Wordcamp Utah

Thom Allen presented on WordPress and Podcasting at Wordcamp Utah. Below are my notes, which I mostly took from his slides. See Thom’s full presentation here. Preparing Your Podcast Capture extensive metadata in the ID3 tags of your audio file. This helps increase the visibility. Give your podcast files a human readable name (not something Continue Reading »