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Doc Plan Pains and Empowerment

One part I enjoyed about my Xtranormal videos was writing the script about the insane spreadsheet that the project manager foists on the technical writer in an effort to track, manage, and contain the writer with busy work. That’s how PM templates have always seemed to me, which explains my reaction when Derek, my colleague, told Continue Reading »

Tactics for Survival: A Technical Writers Field Guide to Overcoming the Forces of Petty PMs and Broken IT Environments

Last week I attended an STC chapter event that consisted of educators and practitioners discussing educational programs and workplace realities. Most of the discussion focused on tools, which is a constant topic in these discussions. What tools should educators teach? How do they gain access to tools? Can you learn a tool enough during the Continue Reading »

When Help Content Is Forgotten

In recent posts on content strategy, I’ve written about how common it is for “user experience” designers to create websites without considering content. I made this point in my last post, Text Matters, and it’s what fuels the fervor behind content strategy. In the same way that user experience designers forget about web content, replacing Continue Reading »

Why Software Applications Need Product Blogs, and Why They Don’t Get Them

Even though I’m an advocate of blogging and think it’s critical to tech comm, I’ve always been assigned technical documentation projects for internally used, confidential, or classified software. Documenting products promoted on the web has never been an option for me. However, I’m convinced that even internal software, which never sees the light of WWW, Continue Reading »