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Podcast: Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-based Hierarchies

The recording is available in a variety of formats: Audio with Slides MP3 Audio Only PowerPoint Show File PowerPoint Original File iPod format I recently gave a presentation at the STC Summit in Sacramento titled “Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-based Hierarchies.” I would have recorded my presentation, but recording is not allowed. I Continue Reading »

Why I’m So Visible

The other week I was in Atlanta preparing for a keynote address at Currents when my host, Chris Snider, asked me what question I’m most afraid people will ask. Although I didn’t say it at the time, the question I fear most is this: “Exactly how long have you been a technical writer?” About five Continue Reading »

The Perfect Voice — Professional or Authentic?

One trend I think we’ll see more and more is the decrease of professional voiceover actors in screencasts when those voiceover actors are merely reading a script they don’t understand. As an example, watch some of the tutorials at lynda.com. The narrators may not be professional voiceover actors, but they are subject matter experts. You can tell Continue Reading »

Searching STC Resources for Information

One of the advantages of belonging to the Society for Technical Communication (STC) is having access to the rich information sources on technical communication. These sources include Intercom, the Technical Communication Journal, past proceedings from conferences, the Notebook blog, and more. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single search that allows you to comprehensively search all of Continue Reading »