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15 Tips for a Successful Conference Experience

The STC Summit takes place in a few days. If you monitor the #stc12 twitter stream, you can feel the excitement of the conference attendees. I’ve been to at least a dozen conferences over the last seven years or so, and I’ve accumulated a few tips that have helped make my conference experience better. Here Continue Reading »

Conferences I’m Attending This Year

I’m attending three conferences this year: Confab, the STC Summit, and Lavacon.  Why did I pick these conferences, over others? I attended Confab’s inaugural conference last year and felt it was a good fit for my web publishing role at work. Although my job title is “senior technical writer,” I spend about 60% of my time being Continue Reading »

Presentations Versus Conversations

Recently I listened to Moira Gunn interview Steve Rosenbaum about content curation in her podcast, Tech Nation. I heard Steve present on a similar topic at Confab. Interestingly, I found the podcast, which was a conversation between Moira and Steve, more interesting, fluid, and natural than Steve’s Confab presentation. Steve’s presentation at Confab was great. Continue Reading »

WordPress Workshop Outline for the STC Summit

Tomorrow I’m giving a four hour workshop on blogging and WordPress at the STC Summit in Sacramento. I thought I’d post my outline in case anyone is interested in how I approach these workshops. In preparing this outline, I realized that my focus on WordPress and blogging has shifted more towards producing content rather than Continue Reading »

Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-Based Hierarchies

At the upcoming STC Summit in Sacramento, I’m presenting a session titled Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-Based Hierarchies. The title is a bit wordy. It’s basically information architecture applied to help content. Or even simpler, making help content findable. In this post, I’ll give you a sneak peak at what this presentation is Continue Reading »

100 Rejected Summit Proposals

The call for STC Summit proposals is now open. Below are 100 Summit ridiculous proposals that were rejected in the past. They may be helpful as you prepare your own submission. 100 Mistakes I Made During My First Hour as a Technical Writer Technical Writer Versus Technical Communicator Versus Technical Author: Who Are We? Who Continue Reading »