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Using JIRA to Track Writing Assignments

We had a couple of writing interns join our group this month. To track writing assignments for the technology blog, I’ve been using JIRA. JIRA is a bug tracking tool from Atlassian (the same company that makes Confluence). It’s typically used by software teams to track bugs during software development projects. You can add comments Continue Reading »

Book Review: A Practical Guide to Designing with Data, by Brian Suda

A Practical Guide to Designing with Data (Five Simple Steps, 2010), by Brian Suda, is a thorough exploration of best practices for graphs and charts. It’s somewhat similar to Edward Tufte’s Visualizing Information in focus, and both have a shared antipathy toward “chart junk” in the effort to tell the story of data. Suda explains, Continue Reading »

My Brand Is …

I’ve been thinking lately about my brand. I’ve always hated this marketing term, but the word “brand” does help answer a question. When you think of me, what comes to your mind? I’ve written about a lot of different topics on this blog, everything from findability to podcasting, blogging, technical writing, flare, wikis, screencasts, project Continue Reading »


About a month ago, I was talking with some of my friends at church when my wife Jane came into the room crying and asking where Kevin was. I wasn’t sure what happened, but I soon found out. Jane had been substituting in Primary, a class for children. During a game where everyone gets to Continue Reading »