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Diverse Content and the Long Tail of Search Engine Metrics

At a recent Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference, keynote speaker Avinash Kaushik said Mormons have done a “marvelous job” with the SEO for the word church. If you google “church,” lds.org is the third result after two wikipedia entries. The sixth result is Mormon.org, just after Church’s Chicken. You can watch the full SES video here. Continue Reading »

WordPress Tip: Rotating Flash Tag Clouds

The rotating flash tag cloud provides a curious approach to tags, no doubt more novel than useful, but still interesting and somewhat worthwhile. The flash cloud shows only 80 tags (any more and it’s unreadable). You can also create a comprehensive set of tags that function as an index. Both arrangements lack usability. I’m never Continue Reading »

Implementing WordPress 2.3’s New Tagging Feature

I’ve been waiting for tags to come out for a while. Now that WordPress 2.3 (Dexter) is here, I’m trying to integrate them into my site to the fullest extent. The following image shows the new Tag field that appears below posts. Tags vs. Categories First, to get the concept of tags right, think of Continue Reading »