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Why Isn’t Spoken Language Easier for Writers?

One question I’ve often wondered is how technical writers can feel so comfortable stringing together words on paper but be completely inadequate when it comes to vocalizing the same text in a script, such as reading for a video tutorial. We talk often about voice and tone, and consider ourselves, as writers, experts in understanding Continue Reading »

Screencasting Tip: Self-Dub the Audio

One of the most difficult elements of screencasting is getting good audio. I implemented a technique in my last video that I thought worked quite well. I’m calling this the Self-Dub technique. Here’s what you do. Whether you write out a script beforehand or not, it doesn’t really matter. Just record the screencast while simultaneously Continue Reading »

My STC Summit Proceedings paper on voiceover techniques (Voiceover)

When you present at the STC Summit, you’re supposed to submit a proceedings paper describing your presentation. Given that only a fraction of my followers are members of the STC, and an even smaller fraction are attending the Summit, I’m providing my proceedings paper here: “Developing a Personal Voiceover in Audio” (PDF). (It’s allowed under the Continue Reading »

Sounding natural (Voiceover)

One of my goals in creating engaging video tutorials is to develop a warm, personable, natural voice, like the voice of an encouraging friend or mentor. In search of this more personable voice, last year I attended a voiceover workshop in my area. The voiceover coach explained that good voiceover artists start by imagining a Continue Reading »

What I’m Presenting on at the Dallas Summit

At the STC Summit in Dallas this year (May 2-5), I’ll be giving a presentation titled “Developing a Personal Voice in Audio.” I’m moving in the direction of screencasts, focusing on the audio component in this presentation. Here’s the presentation description: Narrated video tutorials — both scripted and spontaneous — are a powerful tool tech Continue Reading »

Quick Poll on My Podcast Topic

I’m rethinking the focus of my podcast, and I’d like to get your feedback. With each of the following poll questions, you can see the results immediately. If you have responses that don’t fit the yes or no answers, please use the comments field below the post. Thanks for the feedback.

Blogging as an Outlet for Technical Writers

Ben Minson reflects on the value of having a blog when your day job is technical writing. Blogging can be an outlet to practice your own literary voice, rather than always be trapped in a style guide.