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Kanban and Limiting the Scope of Work

In Scrum and the Single Writer, Kathee Kuvinka mentions Kanban as a technique implemented in her agile-based company to keep the workload under control. Kathee writes, Kanban is a lean, or just-in-time methodology which is often used in manufacturing for inventory control and, like many good methodologies (including Scrum), originated in Japan. The philosophy is Continue Reading »

Tips for Distributing the Workload Among Your Team — Answering a Reader’s Question

Sebastian asks, I have been searching the web for information about how to divide workload among writers as the the workload–and the department itself!–grow. I am thrilled to find your blog! I am a new writer in a Health Information Systems doc group. We write for 120 products, maintain 600+ documents (several output formats). Do Continue Reading »