The AI-doc category includes content related to language-generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and others.

The following content is in the AI category:

Review of WordTune: Granular style checkers still beat Bard and ChatGPT

News turns the content wheel of advertising

Newsletter: Endless news cycles, style checkers, finding research, noticing things around you

How to find academic research to back up your tech comm decisions

Book review of the Art of Noticing, by Rob Walker

AI starting to diminish work for student essay ghostwriters

Newsletter: Copilot for Docs, Wappalyzer, Illusions, Late projects, Forbidden Fruit

Newsletter: Doctave, Chatbase, SiteGPT, small CLs, TC bibliography

What’s missing from the AI workflow: incentives for content creators to provide training data

Newsletter: Content creator ROI, Netlify, Madbot, and Hollywood

Newsletter: AI doc alerts, state of tools, saying easy or just, automated writing teams

Newsletter: Docusaurus, Lens, Docs-as-Code, 2022 site analytics, and HTML Table formatting

Meandering thoughts on my 2022 site analytics

Markprompt Q&A with Michael Fester

Newsletter: Alphadoc, vocab lookup, field, Open Assistant, Markprompt, content ops

Newsletter: GPT-4 tutors,, Dark user manuals, interfaces for reading docs, automation scripts, and bball

AI chat interfaces could become the primary user interface to read documentation

Using AI tools to look up words and provide mini-poems to help remember their meaning

A script that creates a new Jekyll post and populates it with YAML frontmatter, and also makes a curl call to add a Rebrandly shortlink

Newsletter: AI and tech comm survey results, Zoomin's predictions, Beating an ATS, ChatGPT plugin docs

Survey results: Technical writers on AI

Newsletter: Why engineers need to write, tech writers in pop culture, 101 subreddit, Cambrian period of AI (April 4, 2023)

Survey on the impact of AI on tech comm

Thoughts on ChatGPT after reading Crawford's Why We Drive: whatever skill you outsource, atrophies

Having fun with ChatGPT

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