The newsletter category aggregates all instances of my newsletter since I started compiling a list of links.

The following content is in the newsletter category:

Newsletter: Endless news cycles, style checkers, finding research, noticing things around you

Newsletter: Copilot for Docs, Wappalyzer, Illusions, Late projects, Forbidden Fruit

Newsletter: Doctave, Chatbase, SiteGPT, small CLs, TC bibliography

Newsletter: Content creator ROI, Netlify, Madbot, and Hollywood

Newsletter: AI doc alerts, state of tools, saying easy or just, automated writing teams

Newsletter: Docusaurus, Lens, Docs-as-Code, 2022 site analytics, and HTML Table formatting

Newsletter: Markprompt Q&A, LearningDITA, Snowflake docs, AI Commits

Newsletter: Alphadoc, vocab lookup, field, Open Assistant, Markprompt, content ops

Newsletter: GPT-4 tutors,, Dark user manuals, interfaces for reading docs, automation scripts, and bball

Newsletter: Docs-as-ecosystem, structure in WordPress, identity crisis, and pencils

Newsletter: AI and tech comm survey results, Zoomin's predictions, Beating an ATS, ChatGPT plugin docs

Newsletter: Why engineers need to write, tech writers in pop culture, 101 subreddit, Cambrian period of AI (April 4, 2023)

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