You can listen to the I'd Rather Be Writing podcast on most podcast platforms. This category page lists all podcasts that I've recorded as part of my site, I'd Rather Be Writing. I've been recording and sharing podcasts for more than a decade, and though my consistency has fluctuated, I've always championed recording and sharing presentations and other conversations whenever possible.

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I also regularly participate in the Write the Docs Podcast and post summaries of each episode here as well — see Write the Docs podcasts.

Recent podcast episodes

  1. Keynote presentation to STC India 2022 (Trends to follow or forget)

  2. [Podcast] Become a technical writer: conversation with Bobby Kennedy about the technical writing courses he offers

  3. MEGAComm recording: How to increase awareness of tech comm inside corporate walls

  4. Presentation recording -- 'Best practices in API docs: Product overviews and getting started tutorials'

  5. tcworld China 2021 keynote: 'Tech comm and marketing: How to make your tech comm group more visible to those within your company'

  6. Recording of 'Product overviews vs. getting started tutorials: striking a balance between read-first and try-first user behaviors'

  7. Videocast: Micro content and Flare -- Conversation with Kate Schneider

  8. The story behind Document360 -- podcast with founder Saravana Kumar

  9. Playing a product design role as a content designer -- podcast with Jonathon Colman

  10. A tip for doc reviews -- bring a list of questions

  11. Developer portal strategies for complex landscapes -- conversation with Kristof van Tomme

  12. API the Docs recording: How Trends in API Documentation Differ from other Tech Comm Trends

  13. WTD Australia event recording -- 'Remote discussion: Techcomm in the times of pandemic'

  14. "Building Great Documentation" -- WAPI FM radio hour

  15. My Knowledgebase Ninjas podcast episode -- "Metrics don't work"

  16. API The Docs Virtual Series 2020 -- Upcoming presentations and thoughts on the virtual format

  17. Are technical writers increasingly playing non-technical roles? Some thoughts on the evolution of technical writing roles

  18. Podcast: Users as producers of knowledge -- conversation with Nupoor Ranade about how tech writer roles are changing

  19. Tech comm podcasts are growing -- here's a list

  20. Webinar recording: How Trends in API Documentation Differ from other Tech Comm Trends

  21. Introduction to API documentation - Recording from Los Angeles API documentation workshop

  22. Podcast: How Paligo is filling a niche in the CCMS market for complex documentation, with Anders Svensson

  23. The Manuscript Podcast, with Breno Barreto -- Episode 2, How technical should a tech writer be?

  24. Podcast with Andrew Davis: Hiring API doc writers -- an inside look at fixing broken processes

  25. New podcast: Unifying Technical Content Sets into a Broader Ecosystem, with Cruce Sanders at [A]

  26. From API docs to developer portals

  27. Podcast: API Design and Usability with Arnaud Lauret (API Handyman)

  28. Podcast with Jacob Moses on the Not-Boring Tech Writer: Skill #26: Getting Started with API Documentation

  29. Podcast: Dealing with Project Overload -- Strategies to Manage Overflowing Documentation Tasks

  30. Podcast: 10 myths about API documentation

  31. Recording of Tech Comm Trends Presentation (STC Puget Sound chapter)

  32. Crash course in API documentation -- a one-hour video

  33. New video recordings of Raleigh API documentation workshop now available

  34. Corporate exodus narratives: A close look at the tension between the corporation and academia

  35. Recording and slides for my trends presentation at the Symposium for Communicating Complex Information (SCCI)

  36. How to become a 10X technical writer in the workplace

  37. How to motivate users to provide feedback: Show that you're listening to their input

  38. Site analytics from Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2018 -- are more engineers writing docs now?

  39. My podcast about writing with Ellis Pratt on Cherryleaf

  40. Recording for Menlo Park API documentation workshop now available -- and some thoughts on using cardioid versus omnidirectional microphones for recording

  41. New post in Simplifying Complexity series -- Principle 11: Be both a generalist and specialist at the same time

  42. How to avoid being a secretary for engineers

  43. Upcoming full-day API documentation workshop in Menlo Park

  44. Preferring technical acuity over specialized knowledge

  45. Tech comm podcasts roundup and survey

  46. If writing is no longer a marketable skill, what is?

  47. My conflicted thoughts about the decentralized web (while taking the Census of Technical Communicators survey)

  48. Articulating stories that influence product adoption (new article in Simplifying Complexity series)

  49. The relationship between academics and practitioners -- Podcast with Kirk St. Amant

  50. Reducing the complexity of technical language (new article in Simplifying Complexity series)

  51. Evaluating the user experience of documentation -- Podcast with Bob Watson

  52. Recording of API documentation workshop in Denver

  53. Recording of STC San Francisco presentation: Beyond mere endpoint reference — the overlooked content in API documentation

  54. Recording of OpenAPI and Swagger presentation (for STC and WTD San Diego)

  55. Recording of WTD South Bay presentation: Publishing tools for API documentation

  56. How to become a voracious reader

  57. How do you communicate user progress in a course without a Learning Management System (LMS)?

  58. Intro to API Documentation -- recording of presentation to STC Silicon Valley chapter on 11/20/2017

  59. The Untold Story of A Polish website about technical communication for technical writers, trainers, and translators

  60. SwaggerHub: A collaborative platform for working on OpenAPI/Swagger specification files, and more

  61. Has plain language deepened or ruined our delight in language?

  62. Discoveries and realizations while walking down the Docs-as-Code path

  63. Why Stack Overflow's Documentation effort failed -- a few thoughts from a technical writer's perspective

  64. Tech docs and Agile: Alternatives to integrating into engineering Scrums (Part 2)

  65. Tech docs and Agile: Problems with integrating tech writers into engineering Scrums (Part 1)

  66. Why simple language isn't so simple: the struggle to create plain language in documentation

  67. When the pain of ignorance exceeds the pain of learning

  68. Transparency in documentation: dealing with limits about what you can and cannot say

  69. Recording of my WTD Portland 2017 presentation on Building navigation for your doc site -- 5 best practices

  70. Recording of User-Centered Design Principles for Organizing Documentation

  71. Recording: Modern Technical Writing, by Andrew Etter (STC Silicon Valley chapter)

  72. Recording: Writing tech docs like a hacker with Jekyll

  73. Recording of Open Authoring -- Collaboration Across Disciplines presentation, by Ralph Squillace

  74. Saving Your Sanity Through Better Client Relations -- with Alisa Bonsignore

  75. How can technical writers thrive in agile environments? Event recording and details

  76. Recording of Let's Tell a Story -- Scenario-Based Documentation, by Matt Ness (STC Silicon Valley Presentation)

  77. Balancing the never-ending list of documentation to write with your natural interests and passions

  78. Presentation recording: Hunting for API developer documentation jobs in the San Francisco Bay area, by Andrew Davis

  79. The complexities of translation and the need for dynamic variables in the build process

  80. Will the docs-as-code approach scale? Responding to comments on my Review of Modern Technical Writing

  81. The Story of Paligo: A new browser-based CCMS with all the features you'd ever want

  82. Review of Andrew Etter's ebook on Modern Technical Writing

  83. Applying Tim Ferriss' 4-hour work week rules to tech comm projects

  84. Thoughts on Transforming Documentation Processes presentation at WTD: Evaluating the trend to treat documentation as code

  85. Context switching and efficiency -- Kanban to the rescue?

  86. Why Programming Sucks and the fallacy of documentation in the context of code chaos

  87. Thoughts on Documentation Avoidance for Programmers

  88. Presentation recording: Move Fast And ... Document Things? Lessons learned in building documentation culture at a startup, by Ruthie Bendor

  89. Presentation recording: Two Great Teams that Work Great Together: Bridging the Gap Between Documentation and Support

  90. Recording of 'Two great teams that work great together: Bridging the gap between documentation and support,' by Neal Kaplan at Write the Docs

  91. Recording of WTD presentation on Video Documentation, by Alicia Avrach

  92. Recording of STC-SV presentation on the Shape of a Modern Technical Communication Organization, by Sanborn Hodgkins

  93. 10 minute podcast on API technical writing with Ryan Weber on Stitcher

  94. Spec-driven Development with RAML -- presentation by Michael Stowe to STC Silicon Valley chapter

  95. Recording of Creating Documentation for Startups: Panel Discussion -- Write the Docs San Francisco

  96. Recording of Version Control, Writers, and Worfklows by Richard Mateosian

  97. Podcast: Spec-driven Development of REST APIs, with a focus on RAML -- interview with Michael Stowe

  98. Udemy podcast (with me) and infographic on technical writing

  99. Podcast: The divide between academics and practitioners -- Interview with Lisa Meloncon

  100. Podcast: How do design, length, and relevance affect how people use API reference docs -- interview with Bob Watson

  101. Listen to Ed Marsh's Content Content podcast with me as a guest

  102. The key to writing good documentation: Testing your instructions

  103. Introduction to technical writing -- slides and audio recording

  104. API Documentation presentation to East Bay STC chapter -- slides and recording

  105. Recording and slides from "Jekyll vs. DITA: Bridging the Gap Between Tech Comm and the Web" presentation

  106. Recording of API documentation workshop (REST and Javadoc) at tcworld India 2015

  107. Recording of Innovation in Technical Communication keynote at tcworld India 2015

  108. Podcast: The upcoming tcworld India conference on March 12-13, with Akash Dubey

  109. Best practices for API documentation -- podcast with Andrya Feinberg

  110. Survival strategies for API documentation -- slides and recording

  111. API workshop video + audio + slides + workshop files from TC Camp

  112. Moving from passive to reactive documentation -- recording of presentation by Greg Koberger, founder

  113. Podcast: Unifying the API doc publishing toolchain, with Mark Baker

  114. Podcast: Automating REST API documentation, with Peter Gruenbaum

  115. Learning how developers think, and other API doc insights: Podcast with Joe Malin

  116. Getting a job in API documentation: Podcast with Andrew Davis

  117. The Author Experience -- Interview with Rick Yagodich

  118. Slides and recording for "Perfecting the audio narration in instructional video" at Info Dev World

  119. API Doc presentation slides and recording (San Francisco STC chapter)

  120. Information Development World and the Customer Experience -- A Podcast with Scott Abel and Val Swisher

  121. Introduction to API documentation: Interview with Scot Marvin

  122. Lessons learned as a novice API technical writer -- Interview with Mary Linderman (podcast)

  123. Creating code samples for API/SDK documentation (webinar recording, slides, and audio)

  124. Recording of my STC Sacramento presentation -- Why users can't find answers in help material

  125. Videos and reflections from the 2014 Intelligent Content Conference

  126. Tobi Crabtree on Virtual Agents (Intelligent Content 2014)

  127. Val Swisher on Translation Without Borders at Intelligent Content 2014

  128. Noz Urbina on The Biological Imperative for Intelligent Content (Intelligent Content 2014)

  129. Mark Baker on Every Page Is Page One (Intelligent Content 2014)

  130. Rahel Bailie on the Language of Content Strategy (Intelligent Content 2014)

  131. Don Day on Connecting Intelligent Content with Micropublishing (Intelligent Content 2014)

  132. Theresa Putkey on Diagnosing and Solving Content Problems (Intelligent Content 2014)

  133. Kyle Wiens on gamification and iFixit / Dozuki at Intelligent Content 2014

  134. Sarah O'Keefe on The Many Facets of Content Strategy (Intelligent Content 2014)

  135. Marcia Riefer Johnston on Writing (Intelligent Content 2014)

  136. Tom Johnson on Blogging (Intelligent Content 2014)

  137. Recording of STC Berkeley presentation on why users can't find answers in help

  138. Recording and slides for "Why users can't find answers in help" presentation to STC Silicon Valley

  139. Recording of "Video Tutorials for User Assistance" (UA Europe Presentation)

  140. Recording of "Making Content More Findable When Users Browse and Search" (UA Europe Presentation)

  141. Podcast: Include It All, Filter It Afterwards -- Interview with Mark Baker

  142. Webinar Recording: Designing Quick Reference Guides

  143. Webinar Recording -- Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-Based Hierarchies

  144. Podcast: Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-based Hierarchies

  145. Podcast: Content Strategy and Agility, with Noz Urbina

  146. Podcast: A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, with Donna Spencer

  147. Podcast -- Visual Composing: Document Design for Print and Digital Media, with Jo Mackiewicz

  148. Podcast with Alan Houser -- Candidate for STC Vice President

  149. Podcast with Victoria Koster-Lenhardt -- Candidate for STC Vice President

  150. Podcast: Educational Programs and Workplace Practices

  151. Technical Writing Is More Than "Click This, Select That" [Podcast]

  152. Podcast: Finding and Creating Relevant Content -- Strategies for Social Media

  153. Podcast: Developing a Personal Voice in Audio (Intermountain-STC event)

  154. More Students Questions about Technical Writing

  155. Answers About the Field of Technical Writing for Students

  156. Podcast: From Overlooked to Center Stage (Overlooked)

  157. Podcast: “Anyone Can Write”: Changing Roles for Technical Communicators

  158. Podcast: Trends in Technical Communication

  159. Podcast: Ten Voiceover Techniques (PodcampSLC)

  160. Podcast: What's New in Flare 6 — Interview with Mike Hamilton

  161. Podcast: Documentation in the Cloud

  162. Podcast: Riding the Tide of Technical Communications Consulting

  163. Podcast on getting a job in technical writing (TW Job)

  164. Podcast: The Myth of Single Sourcing

  165. Podcast about the Podcast Poll

  166. Podcast on the seven deadly sins of blogging

  167. Podcast from BYU Idaho Professional Writing Panel

  168. Choosing Between Academic and Corporate Life: Did I Make the Wrong Choice?

  169. My STC Summit Blogging Presentation Is Free

  170. Information Overload -- Conversation with Ricardo Amigo

  171. Podcast with Anne Gentle about her Conversation and Community book

  172. Carcast: Friday Thoughts on Reading, Publish2, and Writer River

  173. Podcast on Content Strategy: Interview with Rahel Bailie

  174. Forms that Work – Interview with Caroline Jarrett (podcast)

  175. Blogging, Podcasting, and Screencasting: Eight Characteristics to Attract Devoted Followers [Part 2]

  176. Blogging, Podcasting, and Screencasting: Eight Characteristics to Attract Devoted Followers [Part I]

  177. Anne Gentle on her Forthcoming Book, Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation

  178. STC Toronto's New Five-and-Five Chapter Model

  179. Richard Hamilton's XML Press Imprint

  180. Converting Readers from Casual Subscribers to Devoted Followers

  181. Madcap's Flare-DITA Solution (podcast)

  182. The State of Structured Authoring in Technical Communication (podcast)

  183. John Hedtke on Disaster Preparedness and Book Publishing

  184. GUI Magnets -- Prototyping User Interfaces with Simple Magnets

  185. James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007 (Podcast with Alan Porter)

  186. Ginny Redish -- Letting Go of the Words (Podcast Interview at STC Summit)

  187. Introduction to Technical Writing (podcast)

  188. Managing Writers: Interview with Richard Hamilton (podcast)

  189. Jane's Presentation, Twitter for Business (podcast)

  190. Podcast -- Blogging for Technical Communicators Webinar (Part 2)

  191. Podcast -- Blogging for Technical Communicators Webinar (Part 1)

  192. Documentation Review Techniques (videocast)

  193. Podcast: Make Your Help Indispensable, Safeguard Your Job

  194. Screencasting -- Workflow and Presentation, by Collin Turner (Podcast)

  195. A Technical Writer with Extra Privileges? Responding to a Question about Roles (Videocast)

  196. Top Technical Communication News for January 2009

  197. Podcast: Help Authoring with Doc-To-Help 2009, Interview with Nicky Bleiel

  198. Podcast: Technical Writing in Agile Environments -- Interview with Alyssa Fox

  199. Podcast: What Is the Technical Writer's Role in Interface Design? Interview with Bogo Vatovec

  200. Podcast: Debunking the Boredom Myth of Technical Writing

  201. Podcast: Personalities of Technical Communicators -- Interview with Deborah (Shapiro) Hemstreet

  202. Podcast: Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing (Single Sourcing)

  203. Podcast: Flare 4 -- Ten New Features, Interview with Sharon Burton

  204. Podcast: What's New in the Field of Technical Communication?

  205. Podcast: Using Video in Training and Documentation, Interview with Todd O'Neill

  206. Podcast: Analyzing Your Users and Needs Before Creating the Help Deliverables; Interview with Nicky Bleiel

  207. Podcast: How to Create User-Centered Documentation, Interview with Joe Sokohl

  208. Thinking About a More Personal Style of Podcasting

  209. Podcast: Workspaces, Collaboration, and Information Sharing -- Interview with Emma Hamer

  210. Podcast: Why Content Management Projects Fail, Interview with Rahel Bailie

  211. Podcast: How XML Enables Information Sharing and Reuse -- Interview with Joe Gollner

  212. Podcast: XSL, Flash, and Live Blogging -- Interview with Sarah O'Keefe

  213. Podcast: Document Engineering, Interview with Robert Glushko

  214. Podcast: Living Multiple Lives -- The New Technical Communicator, Interview with Noz Urbina

  215. Podcast: Embracing Wikis -- Interview with Stewart Mader

  216. Podcast: Moving 50,000 Pages of Unstructured Content to DITA

  217. Podcast: Leading Your Company into the Wikis, Blogs, and Social Networks of Web 2.0

  218. Podcast -- DITA: From the Perspective of Someone Actually Using It

  219. Podcast -- Social Networking and the Value of User Communities for Technical Communicators

  220. Podcast -- Transitioning from Technical Writing into Usability

  221. Podcast -- Tackling Godzilla: A Writer/Usability Consultant Reflects on the Largest Project of her Career

  222. My Blogging and Podcasting Presentation -- the MP3 and Video Recording

  223. Jing Screencast: Getting Up and Running with Jing

  224. Interview with STC President Linda Oestreich: Directions the STC Is Heading

  225. Going Beyond Technical Writing: Practical Advice for Diversifying Your Skillset -- Podcast Interview with Mark Hanigan

  226. All About Madcap Flare: Podcast Interview with Paul Pehrson, MVP in Madcap Software Forums

  227. The Impact of Social Media on Technical Communication -- Podcast Interview with Bill Albing

  228. Technical Communication Suite from Adobe -- Interview with RJ Jacquez

  229. Show Me Demos and Captivate -- Interview with Kevin Siegel

  230. Special DMN Communications Podcast with Tech Writer Voices (me): Are you Hurting Your Career By Not Blogging or Podcasting?

  231. Top 10 Worst Things SMEs Say or Do -- Interview with Brenda Huettner

  232. Building Online Communities: Interview with Svi Ben-Elya about

  233. Answering Tough Questions About Wikis -- Interview with Anne Gentle

  234. Usability Research Behind Microsoft's Ergonomic Keyboard

  235. Location is everything when it comes to getting information from SMEs — Carcast

  236. Virtual Ways of Communicating — Char James-Tanny

  237. Information Architecture: Organizing Chaos, Metadata, Taxonomy vs. Folksonomy, and the Dublin Core

  238. A New Approach: Tech Comm News

  239. Vista and Office 2007: Presentation by David McNamee from Microsoft

  240. Podcasting at the STC Conference: Reasons, Methods, and Reflections

  241. STC Conference: Jack Molisani on Trends in Technical Communication

  242. STC Conference: Geoff Sauer on, the Largest Tech Comm Index Online

  243. STC Conference: Rob Houser on Creating Nontraditional E-Learning

  244. STC Conference: Scott Abel on Web 2.0

  245. STC Conference: Ann Rockley on the Rockley Group Blog and a New CMS Report

  246. STC Conference: Chris Thompson on Searching for a Content Management System

  247. STC Conference: Caroline Jarrett on User Interface Design

  248. STC Conference: Whitney Quesenbery on the Five E's of Usability

  249. STC Conference: Harry Miller on Multimedia Documentation

  250. STC Conference: Stephanie Bryant on Videoblogging

  251. STC Conference: Mike Brazill on Writing for Developers

  252. STC Conference: John Daigle on RoboHelp 7

  253. STC Conference: Debbie Kennedy on Modular Writing and Reusability

  254. STC Conference: Joan Lasselle on Adopting Content Management

  255. STC Conference: Cindy Skawinski on Activity Diagrams (Uniform Modeling Language Artifacts)

  256. STC Conference: Adrienne Escoe on Recruiting

  257. STC Conference: Teresa Lipus, Snake River chapter, Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon

  258. STC Conference: Deanne Levander, Twin Cities, Minnesota Chapter, and John Garison, Vermont

  259. STC Conference: Laurel Bowen, Oakridge Tennessee Chapter

  260. STC Conference: Brad Simmons, Ames, Iowa

  261. STC Conference: Michael Gernes, Central Iowa STC Community

  262. Leadership Day: Jackie Damrau, Dallas, Texas, and Rachel Houghton, Willamette Valley, Oregon

  263. Leadership Day: Jeanette Rogers, Seattle, Instructional Design & Learning SIG

  264. Leadership Day: Lorrie Corbett, Philadelphia Metro Chapter

  265. Leadership Day: Hillary Hart, Austin Chapter

  266. Leadership Day: Todd Race, Toronto chapter, Canadian Issues Group

  267. Leadership Day: Dan Dornbrook, Chicago Chapter

  268. Leadership Day: Melanie G. Flanders, China; Beau Cain, Director 8

  269. Leadership Day: Paul Sinasohn, Berkeley Chapter, California

  270. Leadership Day: Holly Harkness, Al Hood, and Howard Speck — Atlanta Chapter

  271. Leadership Day: Rhevati Sampath and Wendy Tung, Berkeley Chapter, California

  272. Leadership Day: Kelly Schrank & Lou Martindale — Mid-South Chapter in Memphis and Suncoast Chapter in Tampa

  273. Leadership Day: Sue Kloster, Willamette Valley Chapter, Oregon

  274. Creating Help in the Web 2.0 Age — Presentation by Neil Perlin

  275. Special Announcements: Add your blog to wiki, and also support Tech Writer Voices

  276. Presentation on Writing and Web 2.0 by Keith Hoffman — Given at the University of Wisconsin

  277. Wikis Are Coming: An In-Depth Exploration of Using Wikis in Documentation — Interview with Katriel Reichman (Israel)

  278. A Few Conversations at Doc Train — User Personas, Data Conversion, and Simplified Technical English

  279. My First Carcast: Driving Home from Vancouver After the Doc Train Conference

  280. Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools — Interview with the authors

  281. Interview with George Hayhoe, editor of Technical Communication Journal, on Technical Writing in China and Korea

  282. Defining Experiences: Five STC Candidates Share Influential Stories from the Tech Comm Field

  283. Making Help More Human, and other discussions

  284. Susan Burton Provides an Inside, In-Depth Look at STC's Most Pressing Issues

  285. Special STC Elections Podcast: Interview with Nicky Bleiel, Candidate for Director

  286. Is Technical Writing Boring? Tech Writers as Information Architects

  287. Online Communities, Member Maps, Virtual Chats, Sparkpeople, Intercom, and More

  288. Review of Word 2007, Tool vs. Industry Experience, the Slow Movement, E-mail Tips, and More

  289. First Cohost Podcast — A Natural Conversation about Technical Writing

  290. Discussion about RoboHelp 6 — Interview with Rick Stone

  291. How to Create a Site Where Users Can Actually Find Information — Interview with Thom Haller

  292. Ten Lessons Learned as a Technical Communicator — Interview with Rahul Prabhakar

  293. Mike Hamilton Gives Flare Demo to the Suncoast Chapter

  294. The Convergence of Web 2.0 with Help Documentation — Tom Johnson

  295. Understanding Principles of Usability, Part 2 — Karen Bachmann

  296. Understanding Principles of Usability, Part 1 — Karen Bachmann

  297. Keith Hoffman Interviews Susan Burton, Exec. Director of the STC

  298. Web 2.0, CMS, and DITA — Interview with Ann Rockley

  299. How to Increase Collaboration and Performance — Interview with Emma Hamer

  300. Technical Writing in India — Interview with Sandeep Balakrishna

  301. Another Perspective on Single-Sourcing — Interview with Sarah O'Keefe

  302. How To Create a Usable Index — Interview with John McGhie

  303. Podcasting 101 — by Tom Johnson

  304. How to Implement Single Sourcing — Interview with Neil Perlin

  305. Joomla, an Open-Source Content Management System Solution — Interview with Sean Wheller about Joomla

  306. Knowledge Management and Technical Writing — Janet Foley

  307. Flare 2.0 and MadCap Software — Interview with Mike Hamilton

  308. Content Management Professionals — Interview with Scott Abel

  309. Writing for the Web — Ian Koss, Founder of

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