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Activity: Identify non-reference content

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With each of the non-reference topics in this section, you’ve been analyzing the topic in the context of the open-source project you identified. Now broaden your analysis to see how these non-reference topics appear in other API documentation sites. Remember that sometimes the best way to learn how to create API documentation is to carefully observe how it’s done on sites you admire. Following standard practices in the industry helps you create more predictable, easy-to-follow patterns in your own documentation.

Activity: Assess the non-reference content in 3 API doc sites

  1. Go to the list of 100 API doc sites and identify 3 API doc sites to analyze. The API doc sets could be API documentation sites from your favorite tools or companies, or just API sites you select at random.
  2. Look through the documentation and identify whether the API documentation site contains each of the following:

    Non-reference topic API doc site 1 API doc site 1 API doc site 1
    API overview
    Getting started
    Authentication and authorization
    Status and error codes
    Rate limiting and thresholds
    Code samples and tutorials
    SDKs and sample apps
    Quick reference guides
    API best practices

    Recreate this table in your favorite word processing application and populate the columns with Xs if they contain the topic.

  3. Do you have any noteworthy observations from your analysis?
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